Directory of Seminary Faculty

Arinobu, Angelle Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Block, Daniel Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College
Buxton, Rod Associate Professor Emeritus of Counselling Psychology
Climenhaga, Daryl Associate Professor of Global Studies
Cornell, Louise Professor Emerita of Education Studies
Dyck, Garry Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Franklin, Patrick Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics
Gritter, Michelle Counselling Teaching Assistant
Hamm, Stan Associate Professor of Ed. and Christian Studies, Academic Dean
Harwood, Rae Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Hildebrand, Landon Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Holden, Heath Vice President of Student Success and Registrar
Hussein, Ismail Director of Enrollment Management
Johnson, David President; Professor of New Testament
Kadyschuk, Ron Dean of Horizon Pentecostal Seminary
Kennedy, Terry Director of Library Services
Knopf, Leshia Director of Student Development
Konkel, August President Emeritus, Professor of Old Testament
Loewen, Arley Instructor of Global Studies
MacDonald, Rob Instructor of Counselling Psychology
MacKenzie, RJ Enrollment Officer
Nerenberg, Jan Instructor in Counselling Psychology
Neufeld, Ed Professor of Biblical Studies
Nolasco, Rodolfo Professor of Counselling Psychology
Penner, Gayle Administrative Assistant
Pham, Sharon Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology
Priess, Janice Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology
Rempel, Brent Instructor
Schmidt, Adriana Counselling Teaching Assistant
Schmidt, Esther Counselling Teaching Assistant
Stovell, Beth Adjunct Professor
Thiessen, Al Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Thiessen, Melanie Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Thomas, Sven Coordinator of Distance Education Learning
Tiessen, Gail Professor Emerita of TESOL
Tiessen, Terrance Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics
Titterington, Susan Instructor of Counselling Psychology
Vander Velden, Laura Instructor
Wirch, Glenys Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology, Department Chair
Wray Beal, Lissa Professor of Old Testament