Directory of Staff

NameTitle (Department)
Arinobu, Angelle Counselling Teaching Assistant
Barkman, George Maintenance Staff
Bookstore, Providence Providence Bookstore
Byggdin, Keanan Assistant Registrar
Castro, Claudia Maintenance Staff
Cho, Yu Jeong International Admissions Counsellor
Coutts, Melanie Activities Coordinator
Doerksen, Russell Accounting Assistant
Doerksen, Shannon Receptionist
Dueck, Howard Missionary In Residence
Enns, Harry Staff
Franklin, Elena Counselling Teaching Assistant
Hamm, Kieran Residence Director
Harder, Audrey Executive Assistant to the President
Hazelton, Megan Resident Director
Holden, Debbie Scholarships & Bursaries Coordinator
Holden, Heath Vice President for Enrolment Management and Student Success
Hussein, Ismail University College Admissions Counsellor
Information, General General Information
Johnson, David President
Johnson, Heather Providence Intake Counsellor
Johnson, John International Student Services Coordinator
Jolly, Joel Maintenance Staff
Kehler, Vern Seminary Admissions Counsellor
Laugesen, John Vice President of Finance
Martin, Andy Maintenance Coordinator
McKenzie, Irma Director of Development
McLeod, Dan Campus Services Coordinator
Penner, Gayle Administrative Assistant for Seminary
Peters, Bruce Director of Bookstore Services
Poirier, Bob Maintenance
Poirier, Melissa Special Events Assistant
Post, Lindsey Development Assistant
Reception, Providence Front Desk Reception
Reimer, Marlin Director of Student Development
Rempel, Dan Associate Enrollment Officer
Room, Mail Mailroom Clerk
Sandulak, Grace Business Services Coordinator
Sawatzky, Wayne Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Schellenberg, Gary Director of Institutional Services
Shantz, Matt University College Admissions Counsellor
Summach, Emily Student Services Coordinator
Thomas, Andrea Business Office Assistant
Thomas, Sven Technology Coordinator
Traa, Joey Director of Media Communications
Turnbull, Ryan University College Admissions Counsellor
Ward, Martin Director of Computer Services; Men’s Soccer Coach
Wheeldon, Andrea Community Life Coordinator
Wheeldon, Jeff Associate Registrar (Distance Education)
Wiebe, Bob Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Wiebe, Cherry Director of Marketing Communications
Wiens, Fred Network Administrator
10 College Crescent
Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1G0
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Fax: (204) 433-7158
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