Directory of Staff

NameTitle (Department)
Barkman, George Maintenance Staff
Bechard, Randy Maintenance Staff
Brown, Amy Coordinator of Alumni Relations
Buxton, Katie Volunteer
Castro, Claudia Maintenance Staff
Cho, Seunghyun International Student Services Assistant
Dearborn, Trevor Technology Coordinator
Dyck, Bev Contractor
Dyck, Garry Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Friesen, Darcy Community Life Coordinator
Geisheimer, Justin Senior Enrollment Officer
Gritter, Michelle Counselling Teaching Assistant
Groenendijk, Samantha Interim Coordinator of the Providence Fund
Hamm, Jenny Enrollment Officer
Hamm, Kieran Male Resident Director
Harder, Audrey Executive Assistant to the President
Harder, Kaitlyn Financial Aid Officer
Harms, Chase Enrollment Officer
Hiebert, Kayla Visual Media Coordinator
Hill, Yvonne Mailroom Clerk, Library Assistant
Holden, Darby Library Assistant
Holden, Debbie Receptionist
Holden, Heath Vice President of Student Success and Registrar
Hussein, Ismail Director of Enrollment Management
Johnson, David President; Professor of New Testament
Johnson, John Director of Development Services and Grant Writing
Kampen, Andrew Accountant
Kennedy, Terry Director of Library Services
Knopf, Leshia Director of Student Development
Lageer, Sarah Student Services Coordinator
Laugesen, Beverly Library Assistant
Laugesen, John Chief Financial Officer, Vice President for Administration
Loewen, Hannah Associate Librarian
MacKenzie, RJ Enrollment Officer
Martens, Heidi Executive Assistant of Development
Martin, Andy Maintenance Coordinator
Martin, Dustin Enrollment Officer
McLeod, Dan Director of Facilities Management
McLeod, River Maintenance Staff
McLeod, Sage Maintenance Staff
Penner, Gayle Administrative Assistant
Peters, Jerrad Creative Content Specialist
Poirier, Bob Maintenance Staff
Quiring, Cody Development Officer
Reimer, Brittany Admin Clerk
Reimer, Marlin Associate Vice-President for Student Life
Rempel, Janice Associate Registrar - Registration
Salimkhani, Bardia International Enrollment Officer
Sandulak, Grace Business Services Coordinator
Schalm, Niklaas Associate Registrar - Records and Systems
Schellenberg, Gary Director of Institutional Services
Schmidt, Adriana Counselling Teaching Assistant
Schmidt, Esther Counselling Teaching Assistant
Shore, Betty Executive Assistant to VP of Student Success and Registrar
Summerville, Lydia Female Resident Director
Thomas, Andrea Business Office Assistant
Thomas, Sven Coordinator of Distance Education Learning
van Duin, Debi International Student Services Coordinator
Ward, David Yearbook Editor
Ward, Martin Director of IT Services
Wiebe, Cherry Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Wiens, Fred Senior Network Administrator
Wirch, Kristoffer Network Administrator