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About Providence




1925 Winnipeg Bible Training School
1929 Winnipeg Bible Institute
1949 Winnipeg Bible Institute and College of Theology
1963 Winnipeg Bible College
1972 new school: Providence Theological Seminary
1992 Providence College & Theological Seminary
2011 Providence University College & Theological Seminary
2014 new school: Mile Two Discipleship School


TESL Canada Certified


Board, Corporation, Alumni, Tuition, private donations and supporting services


20 undergraduate majors
11 graduate programs

Main Campus

Otterburne, MB – 100 acres, 35 minutes south of Winnipeg

Extension Site

Counselling and Counselling Psychology programs (Calgary, Alberta – Ambrose Seminary campus)

Green Initiatives

Providence is a leading Green Campus with green initiatives in Biomass Heating, Geothermal Heating & Cooling, eWaste Recycling, and involvement in 50by30 and the Biomass Economy Network


Bergen Hall, Eichorst Hall, Kindred, Sweet, Cundy, and Turner

Library Resources

More than 80,000 print volumes/holdings, 6000 non-print holdings, 8600 electronic resources, and 8000 microform/fiche units at the Otterburne campus, William Falk Library


Member of MCAC and NCCAA conferences: men’s and women’s soccer, mens and womens volleyball and mens and womens basketball


Undergraduate Studies

(B.A., B.A. Honours, B.A. Advanced) Biblical & Theological Studies, Church Ministries, Worship Studies, Youth Leadership, Culture & Christianity, Community Development Studies, Humanities, Intercultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts, Mathematics (minor), Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Theatre, Aviation, Business Administration, Communications & Media, Integrative Vocational Studies, Music, Social Work, TESOL (Teaching English)

Bachelor of Theology
Certificate of Bible and Theology
Certificate of TESOL
Diploma in Aviation

Graduate Studies

(M.A.) Master of Arts (Christian Studies), Master of Arts in Educational Studies (majors: Youth Ministry, Educational Studies, Student Development, TESOL, TTESOL), Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Master of Arts in Counselling, Master of Arts in Global Studies (majors: Missiology, TESOL, TTESOL), Master of Arts (Theological Studies - tracks in Biblical Studies or Systematic Theology), Master of Arts in TESOL, Master of Arts in TTESOL.

Master of Divinity (Professional – tracks in Biblical Languages, English Bible, Pastoral Counselling, Pentecostal Studies or Youth Ministry)
Master of Divinity (Honours)
Doctor of Ministry (Pastoral Leadership or Pastoral Counselling)


Undergraduate: Dept. of Biblical Studies & Practical Theology, Dept. of Arts & Sciences, and Dept. of Professional Studies
Graduate: Dept. of Biblical & Theological Studies, Dept. of Christian Ministries, Dept. of Counselling, and Dept. of Global Studies


Total Annual Enrolment


Undergraduate Enrolment




Average Class Size

10-15 students

On-Campus Resident Spaces

Dormitory space available for 320 students
39 on-campus apartments available (varied sizes)

10 College Crescent
Otterburne, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 1G0
Phone: (204) 433-7488 or (800) 668-7768
Fax: (204) 433-7158
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