English Language Requirements


Language of Instruction

English is the language of instruction at Providence.  All students whose mother tongue is not English must submit an official test score as part of their application.



A TOEFL score or IELTS score is required for acceptance to Providence. The Providence Modern Language Institute will convert your score to Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) for placement.  For further information, contact the Enrollment Office.

Official scores can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to the International Admissions Counsellor of Providence by using institutional code 6585.  Students with high enough scores may enter Providence University College directly if they meet other entrance requirements.  If required scores are not reached, the student will begin their studies in the Modern Language Institute.


Minimum Score in Each Skill

TOEFL CBT IELTS CLB Providence Placement
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing


<15 <15 <150 <4.5 1-6
  • EAL
9-12 9-12 120 4.5 5
  • EAL 905
13-15 13-15 150 5.5 6
  • EAP 906
16-17 16-19 175 6 7
  • EAP 907
18 20 190 6.5 8
  • Mile Two
  • Undergraduate Entrance
  • EAP 908 (for Graduate Entrance)
20 22 220 7 9
  • Graduate Entrance (excluding Counselling)
22 22 230 7.5 9
  • Seminary (Counselling)
24 24+ 250 8 10
  • Summer TESOL Institute
  • D.Min.
  • MA with Thesis



Additional Information

  • It is possible to have the official test score requirement waived.  If you have successfully completed three years of secondary or post secondary education at an institution that uses English as the language of instruction, please submit an official transcript. Further information about the institution or the instruction may be required before the waiver is granted.

  • If you have been in English classes in Canada and have CLB scores, please submit them in lieu of an official test score.

  • Providence reserves the right to require any student to submit proof of adequate English skills before admission regardless of educational background, citizenship status, country of origin, or stated primary language.

  • Some programs, such as Counselling, require excellent speaking and listening skills in English. Additional English testing may be required before admittance.

  • CLB8 is required for entrance into undergraduate programs.  CLB9 is required for entrance into graduate programs .  After completing CLB8, If a student successfully completes one semester of studies at Providence University College (minimum 4 courses), they are assumed to have CLB9 without further testing.

  • If a student in the University College or Seminary appears to be struggling academically, additional English testing may be required.  This will be upon the recommendation of a professor or the Academic Deans of Providence University College and Seminary.  If the results of the testing indicate the need, the student will be required to improve their English skills before resuming regular studies.  

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