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Admissions Policy

In keeping with our mission to serve the church by preparing and nurturing Christian leaders, admission to Providence Theological Seminary is granted to those students who show evidence of faith in Jesus Christ, are yielded to His will for their lives, and meet the academic prerequisites of the Seminary. Qualified students are admitted to the Seminary and may register for courses offered in any of the degree programs (provided they meet the prerequisites). Although students apply for a particular degree program, the Seminary’s policy is not to admit matriculating students directly to any program. After one semester for two-year programs or two semesters for three-year programs, students will be considered by the faculty for formal admission to a degree program, based on faculty evaluation of Christian character, scholastic ability, and potential for ministry in the desired discipline. Should a student be denied entry to the program of his/her choice, that student may be advised to enter a different program more compatible with his/her gifts, or denied admission to any program and, if 30 hours of credit have been accumulated (in the case of three-year program applicants), may be allowed to graduate with a Certificate of Theological Studies. In no case may a student who has applied to a program take more than 45 hours of credit without formal acceptance to a program.

Academic Prerequisites

In addition to a completed application and references, the Seminary requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Students must have attained a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4-point scale) in the last 2 full years of study (60 credit hours).  Some programs may specify a higher GPA requirement or additional prerequisites, listed in the degree program descriptions. Those without a recognized degree may qualify for admission as a Mature or Non-Accredited Degree student. 

Note: Particular prerequisites may be required depending on the chosen Seminary program.  These are listed in the degree program descriptions in the Academic Catalogue.


Mature Students and Non-Accredited Degree Students

Applicants who have not obtained a bachelor's degree may be able to apply as mature students.  A mature applicant must be at least 30 years old and be able to demonstrate academic aptitude through one of the following:

  • Submission of official GRE (Graduate Record Examination) test scores.  Minimum scores of 153 on the verbal section and 4.5 on the analytical section are required.  Providence's institutional code for the GRE is 6585.  For further information on the GRE, please contact the Seminary Admissions Counsellor.

  • Applicants with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4-point scale) from another graduate institution may be considered for admission in cases where the other graduate institution is considered equivalent to Providence Seminary.

  • Submission and assessment of an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) portfolio.  Providence provides RPL portfolio development and assessment services at a cost of  $995 (effective Sept 1, 2017).  Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information about the RPL process or to schedule an initial consultation.

Applicants who hold a degree from a non-accredited institution can apply as a non-accredited degree student. No age restriction applies to those applying as non-accredited degree students.

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the accrediting body to which the Seminary belongs, limits the portion of the student body that can be admitted as mature or non-accredited degree students, except in cases where the student's RPL portfolio or non-accredited degree is determined by the faculty assessor to be the educational equivalent of an accredited bachelor's degree.  All applicants will be assessed according to the availability of program vacancies and the relative merits of each case.  Students entering the MA (Theological Studies) and the MA (Christian Studies) programs are not eligible for Mature or Non-Accredited Degree Status.


International Students

Students from other countries (not including the United States) who wish to apply to Providence Theological Seminary will not find the Canadian immigration procedure complex or difficult. In order to obtain a study permit, students must be able to prove they have the funds to pay for the entire first year of study including tuition, books, fees, living expenses, and travel to and from Canada. Please visit the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website to read and study the information about getting a study permit and find where you will need to submit your study permit application.

All students whose mother tongue is not English must submit an official test score as part of their application. To learn more, please click the link below.


Special Students

Those who desire theological training but do not have degree goals may be admitted as special students. They may take any class for which they meet the prerequisities. Proof of an undergraduate degree must be provided prior to registration. Official transcript(s) can be sent to the Admissions Office. A maximum of 15 hours may be taken as a Special Student. After 15 hours, students must apply for Seminary admission to a program of study.


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