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Canada is a diverse and multicultural country, which has attracted immigrants from many parts of the world. Because of this immigration it is rarely difficult to find a community, or a church, from your home country in any of the Canadian cities. In addition federal and provincial governments are fair, friendly, and helpful; you may even find that government services are offered in your native language. We trust that your young adult children will enjoy their study time in Canada. Here is a website that is all About Canada.


Providence University College & Theological Seminary is chartered by the government to offer bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees. It is accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education, which is a member of the Council of Higher Education Accreditation, the body that provides accreditation for all recognized North American universities and colleges. The primary purpose of our accreditation is to assure and strengthen academic quality and ongoing quality improvement in courses, programs and degrees. In addition Providence’s TESOL program is accredited by TESL Canada, an internationally recognized accrediting agency of programs that meet the standards for TESL Canada Professional Certification.

Student Security

At Providence we value the well-being of your young adult children. We understand that, as parents, you want the benefits of an international education for your children but are worried about the risks of living and studying in a foreign country. Canada is a safe country to live in and attend university/college as shown by many comparative statistics on crime for countries around the world. Of the 500 students who enroll at Providence each semester, between 80 and 100 are international students. Due to our small size the faculty and staff often personally know each international student. In addition, our rural location in the community of Otterburne separates us from the influences of large city life. Providence is truly an ideal, secure, and safe setting for study and healthy living.

Student Health

Manitoba Health Insurance is available to students and their family members if they have a valid study permit. The study permit must be valid for more than six months from the date that Manitoba Health Insurance is applied for. International students not qualifying for Manitoba Health (i.e. those without a study permit) will be enrolled with student health insurance called StudentGuard Standard. This student health insurance provides benefits resembling Manitoba Health (up to a limit of $2,000,000) as well as providing additional coverages for situations particular to international students.  International students who qualify and are registered with Manitoba Health will be required to enroll with StudentGuard Plus, which provides the same additional coverages as mentioned above onto their Manitoba Health.

It is mandatory for all international students coming to Providence to purchase one of these two StudentGuard health plans, regardless if they already have personal travel health insurance. The StudentGuard Standard plan is also available as optional health coverage for spouses and children of international students. The StudentGuard Plus plan is only available to registered students at Providence.

A hospital (DeSalaberry District Health Centre) is located 8 km away in St. Pierre-Jolys (a sister community to Otterburne), which has ambulance services, emergency room services, lab services, and daily walk-in clinics. 

A Christian Learning Community

Students at Providence are part of a Christian learning community where personal growth is fostered through living in residence, participating in athletics, music, or drama, and involvement in student leadership positions. These opportunities make university/college life enjoyable, teach responsibility, and are an important part of the Providence learning environment. Providence believes that the Bible advocates self-restraint in practices that may be harmful to the community. For safety and community well-being, alcoholic beverages and use of tobacco are not allowed on the Providence campus or its residences.



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