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International Student Health Insurance

StudentGuard Health Plans

It is mandatory for all international students coming to Providence to purchase one of these health plans:

  • StudentGuard Standard
  • StudentGuard Plus

StudentGuard Plus plan is available to registered students of Providence. International students who qualify and are registered with Manitoba Health are required to enroll with StudentGuard Plus, which provides the same additional coverages as mentioned in the Benefits section below onto their MB Health.

StudentGuard Standard plan is required for all international students unless they apply for Manitoba Health. StudentGuard Standard provides benefits resembling Manitoba Health (up to a limit of $2,000,000) as well as providing additional coverage for situations particular to international students (see Benefits section below).  It is also available as optional health coverage for spouses and children of international students.

StudentGuard Health Plan Benefits

StudentGuard Standard includes the same coverage as with Manitoba Health up to a limit of $2,000,000. In addition extra coverage is included to reflect the needs of the international student such as: eye examinations, ambulance costs, paramedical services (chiropractor, massage therapist), prescription medications, dental work (accidental injuries only), out of Canada coverage, family transportation to Canada in cases of medical emergencies, and repatriation to home country in case of a sickness or death. 

StudentGuard Plus includes only those health services not already covered by Manitoba Health and is limited to the additional coverage listed above.

Manitoba Health

All new international students with study permits will be enrolled with Manitoba Health Insurance upon their arrival. There is no fee levied to students for MB Health. Manitoba Health Insurance is available free to students and their family members if they have a study permit valid for more than six months from the date that Manitoba Health Insurance is applied for.

Application for Manitoba Health can be made at:

  • Manitoba Health Offices, 300 Carlton St., Winnipeg 
  • Bilingual Service Centre, 427 Sabourin Street, St. Pierre-Jolys

MB Health coverage will start on the same date as the “date of issue” shown on the student’s study permit. Students may be billed for health services provided before receipt of the health card, however, MB Health will reimburse the costs. 

Further information is available from the International Student Services Coordinator.


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