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Make sure that you have a place to live before leaving for Canada.

To reserve a room/apartment, please fill out the Providence Housing Request Form (in your application to Providence). On this form, you will choose where you want to live.

If you want to live in a residence hall (required if you are under 20 years of age before Sept. 1 of your year of enrolment), please make sure you have sent your $150 Room Reservation Deposit. The room and board fees includes your housing and meals. Telephone, parking and laundry services are not included in these costs.

If you choose to live in an on-campus apartment, you will cook your own food and pay for your utilities (telephone, electricity, parking) in addition to your rental costs.  Please make sure that an apartment has been reserved by contacting the Student Services Coordinator.  A deposit will also be required. 

If you choose to live in an off-campus apartment, you must make sure that you will have transportation available to get to Providence. Many students share rides with each other (carpool), but you may need to buy a car. In addition, you will cook your own food and pay for your utilities (telephone, electricity, parking).

For more information on housing, including costs and photos of the residence halls, see the Housing section.

For any questions regarding staying in our residence halls, please contact the Director of Student Development.  

For any questions regarding living in on-campus/off-campus housing,  please contact the Student Services Coordinator.


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