Arrival & Orientation


Arrival & Orientation

The International Student Arrival Day is the date on which you should plan to arrive in Canada at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (not including students from the USA).

Transportation will be provided on this date from the airport to the Providence campus. We expect that students will make every effort to plan their flight schedule accordingly and arrive in Canada on this day. Contact the International Student Services Coordinator so that you can be picked up at the airport.

Please make sure to forward your travel itinerary to International Student Services Coordinator.

International Student Orientation

All new international students (including students from the USA) are required to attend the International Student Orientation.

Orientation classes to introduce new international students to Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and Providence are required for all new international students entering into the University College, Seminary or the Modern Language Institute (MLI).  A $325.00 charge will be applied to students who miss orientation to cover costs for personal orientation.

Please note that students staying in residence during orientation will be charged $35 per day for room and meals until the residences officially open and the meal plan starts.

August 27 & 28, 2017 International Student Arrival Dates
  Students arriving on these days are not charged for pick ups. This includes any students arriving from USA.
August 29 to 31, 2017 International Student Orientation Days

Orientation days are compulsory for ALL newinternational students (including USA)





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