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General Information


Where is Otterburne?
If you are driving from the east or west on Highway #1, take Highway #101 (Perimeter Highway around Winnipeg), turn south off #101 onto Highway #59. Follow it south 50 kilometers to Otterburne Road. Turn west, go 5 kms, and you’re here! For a map to our campus, click here.


Can I be picked up at the airport?
Transportation to the Providence Campus can be provided for you from three locations in Winnipeg: the Airport, the Bus Depot, and the Railway Station. You need to inform us of your confirmed travel arrangements at least two days in advance. To arrange for this service, you may use the on-line transportation request form from the Transportation Department. Please provide all details of arrival.

Do I have to pay to park on campus?
Yes. A parking spot with an electrical plug-in (for your blockheater in the winter), is $100 per year. For a parking spot without an electrical plug-in, it is $40 per year. Every vehicle on campus must be registered under one of the above two options. Visitors are not required to pay, but must still register their vehicle each time they are on campus.


What types of athletics can I be involved in?
There are many sports you can be involved in at Providence. There are several varsity teams to try-out for, such as: Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Hockey. There are also club teams that you can be a part of: badminton, indoor soccer and women’s hockey. For more information regarding different teams and tryout times contact one of our coaches.

Please Note: Both Men's and Women's Soccor tryouts begin before Fall registration. For times, dates and location, please contact Martin Ward (Men's Soccer) or Scott Masterson (Women's Soccer).

What type of Touring Ensembles can I get involved in?
Providence has a variety of touring ensembles that students can be involved in. Consider being a part of the College Singers, the College Choir or an instrumental ensemble. For more information about these and other opportunities, check out our Touring Ensembles page. Auditions will be taking place during the first week of school.


I would like a job on-campus, how do I go about getting one?
There are a number of jobs on campus to be had. Check them out at Campus Student Employment.

I am a student of Providence Theological Seminary and I would like some help on my Resume as well as well as some Job finding help, who should I see?
Our staff in Employment Services would be more than willing to assist you.

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I want to come to Providence Theological Seminary but I don’t have an undergraduate degree.
If you are 35 years of age or older you may write the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Information on the GRE can be found at the following website: www.gre.org or by phoning 1 (609) 771-7670. If you live in the Winnipeg area you may phone Prometric Testing Center at (204) 988-5055. Please note, you will only need to write the Analytical and Verbal part of the exam.

I want to take a class at Providence for a degree I'm taking elsewhere.
I would like to take classes at your Seminary, but not for a degree or program.

You would be called a Special Student and would need to fill out the 'Special Student Status Form'. This can be obtained by contacting the Registrars office. You may also apply as a Special Student if you desire theological training but do not have degree goals. With the Special Student Status you may take any class for which you meet the prerequisites. A maximum of 15 hours may be taken as a special student. After 15 hours, you must apply for admission to a program of study.

How do I apply?

  1. Download the  application
  2. Complete the application. Don't forget to sign and date it on the second page. You may mail it in piece by piece if you wish or all at once.
  3. Include two recent wallet-sized photographs of yourself.
  4. Enclose a cheque made out to Providence Theological Seminary. The fee is $35 unless you are applying for the Winter semester and it is past December 1st or you are applying for the Fall semester and it is past August 1st. Then the fee is $60.
  5. Please fill out the Housing form even if you are not going to live on campus.
  6. It is often best to request transcripts and references right away as these are always the slowest to come in. Please note, transcripts must be sent directly from your school.

We will make an admissions decision as soon as we receive all the materials.

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School Size / Average Class Size

How many students attend Providence Theological Seminary?
Between full-time and part-time students there are over 200 that attend the main campus in Otterburne. Should you include our extension sites and those a part of the Distance Education program it is upwards of 300 students.

What is the average class size in the Seminary?
The average class varies. Our Bible classes tend to be larger, anywhere from 10 to 40 students. More specialized Theology or Counselling classes can be anywhere from 6 to 12 students.

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Distance Education

For more information, please see the Providence Theological Seminary catalogue

Can I complete a Master of Arts from Providence Theological Seminary through Distance Education?
Yes and no. It is not possible to complete a Master level degree from Providence through distance education. You may only take 30 credit hours (roughly 10 classes as the majority of Seminary courses are 3 credits) through Distance Education. Of those 10 classes only 3 (9 credits) can be through Independent study, but all could be done through On-line studies. For instance, if you took 2 Independent studies courses you could then do 8 on-line courses.

Please note, there are specific classes that must be done on campus and specific classes that must be done through Distance Education. Please see the Providence Theological Seminary Catalogue under Distance Education for specification.

The remainder of the courses could then be done through another accredited, graduate institute, but they could not be done through Distance Education if the 30 credit hours of Distance were already used up with Providence.

Important: The above information regarding Distance Education only applies to the following degrees:

MA Counselling and MA Counselling Psychology
MA Educational Studies (all tracks)
MA Global Studies (all tracks)
MA Christian Studies

It does NOT work for the following:
MDiv (all tracks)
MA Theological Studies (all tracks)
Doctorate of Ministry (DMin)

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Course Formats

What type of class formats does Providence Theological Seminary offer?
There are three main formats that Providence Theological Seminary uses when offering a course. They are as follows:

Regular semester classes have a particular time slot once a week within a 2 hour and 45 minute time slot. There is a 15 minute break that occurs within this class, leaving 2 and a half hours of instruction. These courses are offered during a semester either in the Fall or Winter. Fall semester generally runs from September to December while the Winter runs from January to April. Please note, there are a limited amount of classes offered in the Seminary that are split between two days.

Modular Formatted classes are offered over 5 consecutive days. They generally begin at 9am and end by 4pm. There is a lunch hour and two breaks included in this day. Often there is pre and post course work due for these classes and the syllabus should be obtain as soon as the course is registered for. Please note, sometimes these classes are offered over a two week long period as the class is only a half day. Modular classes are generally offered throughout the summer session (May to August) as well as during Intersession (early January) or during Intrasession (generally in November and March).

Independent Study classes are offered throughout the year. Please give two weeks notice of when you would like to start the course. This course is done all on your own on your own time.

On-line classes are offered during the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. They are done fairly independently as you can set your own schedule. There is course work due dates and sometimes you are required to meet on-line at a particular times which are decided with your Professor and class mates.

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Accreditation Information

Is Providence Theological Seminary accredited?
Yes. We are accredited through the Association of Theological Seminaries (ATS). This is a North American accrediting body that is recognized around the world. Our TESOL program is accredited through TESOL Canada.

ATS Logo

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Can you tell me approximately how much each year will cost?
Please check out our current tuition and fee schedule available on our Financial Information page.

When am I expected to pay this?
Your first semester bill must be paid in full by the Friday of the first week of the semester. You may use cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, Interac or Online Payment.  Further information about payment of fees is available on our Financial Information page.

How can I apply for a Student Loan?
If you did not make as much money over the summer as you hoped, you may require a student loan. Students should apply on-line (on-line applications require 3-4 weeks for processing). Please note that student loans will not cover your entire schooling cost.

For more information, please contact:

Manitoba: www.studentaid.gov.mb.ca 1-800-204-1685
Saskatchewan: www.student-loans.sk.ca
Alberta: www.alis.gov.ab.ca
British Columbia: www.aved.gov.bc.ca/studentservices
Ontario: www.osap.gov.on.ca
Quebec: www.afe.gouv.qc.ca
Newfoundland and Labrador: www.edu.gov.nf.ca
New Brunswick: www.studentaid.gnb.ca
Nova Scotia: www.studentloans.ednet.ns.ca
Prince Edward Island: www.gov.pe.ca
Nunavut: www.gov.nu.ca
Northwest Territories: www.nwtsfa.gov.nt.ca
Yukon: www.education.gov.yk.ca
US Students: www.fafsa.ed.gov
Note: You should apply for your loan as soon as possible. This will allow the Student Financial Assistance Office to calculate your award and notify you before you register.

Where do I find more information about financial aid?
Please see our Scholarship/Bursaries page for more information.

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Where do Seminary students live?
There are many choices for housing both on and off campus including Dormitories, Apartments (Seminary House, Providence House, White House and Hunt), Trailers, and off-campus commuting from local communities. All of these are options are described below.

Is there housing for familes on campus?
Yes! Apartments and trailers are ideal for students wanting to live on campus with their families.


When are dormitory rooms assignment made?
Rooms are assigned by the Residence Directors and are usually done by mid-August. If you have any requests or questions, contact Andrea Wheeldon, Brenda Peters, or Matt Shantz.

How are the dormitory rooms set-up?
Each of our dormitory rooms are set up for double occupancy, and therefore includes two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, and shelving, storage and closet space adequate for two people. However, more often than not, Seminary students receive their own room and are generally placed in a four-plex.

Bergen Hall (Men’s dormitory):
Rooms are furnished with twin captain’s beds, two desks, shelving units mounted on the desks, and desk chairs. All furniture is moveable, allowing students to rearrange their room. Roommates share a closet, which is approximately 6" wide and 2" deep with a double row of shelves. Each room has its own washroom, which includes a shower, toilet, sink, cabinet and shelves. On each floor there are sub-lounges; lounges include a fridge, microwave, couches, coffee tables and chairs. In the basement you will find a laundry room with three washing machines as well as 3 dryers available at a minimal cost.
Four-Plexes (Men’s and Women’s dormitory):
Rooms are furnished with either, loft beds (Kindred/Sweet) or bunk beds (Cundy/Pearce), two desks, two desk chairs, and shelf space. Beneath the lower bunk are three drawers, which must be shared between the roommates. Underneath each of the loft beds is a 3-drawer dresser. Each room has one closet, which is approximately 4" wide and 2" deep, with either one or two shelves. Each suite (four rooms) shares a lounge and two bathrooms (bathrooms include, a sink, toilet, a bathtub with a shower, and a cabinet). Each lounge is furnished with couches, coffee table and chairs. The lounge on the lower floor also has a fridge, which is shared with the residents on the upper floor. On the lower level you will find a laundry room with a washing machine as well as a dryer, which is available at a minimal cost.
Eichhorst Hall (Women’s dormitory): Rooms are furnished with twin captain’s beds, two closets and 3 book shelves for each person. A desk top runs the entire length of the far side of the room, with desk drawers underneath, providing ample work and storage space. Two rooms share a bathroom (bathrooms include a sink, toilet, a bathtub with a shower, and a cabinet) and each floor has their own lounge. The lounges are furnished with a fridge, microwave, couches, coffee table and chairs. In two of the lower level hallways you will find a laundry room with a washing machine as well as a dryer, which is available at a minimal cost.

What is needed in dorm?
Here is a start:

  • Bedding-sheets, blankets, pillows, etc. (to fit a twin bed)
  • Towels
  • Laundry soap
    Cost: $1.00 for the washing machine, .25 for every 15 minutes use of the dryer
  • Alarm clock
  • Posters/pictures
  • Stereo
  • Dishes, mugs, etc
  • Sticky tack
  • Clothes hangers
  • Sticky notes

Can I use a computer in my residence room?
Absolutely! Students are welcome to bring their own personal computers as all rooms have access to the Internet. Internet access is available through the Providence Bookstore. here. If you do not presently own a computer, you may use the computers in the computer lab and library (printing charges do apply).

Will there be a phone in my room?
No, but each room is equipped with a telephone jack. You may bring your own phone and hook it up through Manitoba Telecom Systems (MTS). Information regarding hook-up though MTS will be available upon arrival. Cost is approximately $60.00 per month. Pay phones are also available in each dorm and they do accept incoming calls. Students are encouraged to use calling cards for these phones.

What is the residence environment like?
Providence College has a strong community setting; it is often referred by students as a family environment. Residence brings a strong impact to this environment. There is a weekly floor meeting where the Resident Assistant leads Care Group, which is a time of fellowship and spending time with one another. As well brother and sister floors join together to pray for one another and have activities together throughout the year. Overall residence is a great environment for students to get to know one another.

If you have more questions, please see the  Student Handbook.

Who provides your food services on campus?
Sodexho provides all the food services on campus.

Other Housing Options

You mentioned on-campus apartments and mobile homes, could you tell me more about these?

Apartments: There are a number of apartments on or near the Providence campus. Providence offers bachelor, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. You may apply to rent an apartment by simply calling or emailing Stephanie Kroeker, Student Services Coordinator at 1-800-668-7768, ext. 319.

Mobile Homes: There are a number of mobile homes on the Providence campus that are privately owned by Providence students, staff, or faculty and their families. Often one or two homes are for sale each spring. For more information, please contact Stephanie Kroeker, Student Services Coordinator at 1-800-668-7768, ext. 319.

What if I would rather live off campus?
There are a number of communities close to Providence for you to commute from. The following is a list of these areas and how far they are in relation to our campus:

Steinbach - 25 kms
Mitchell - 15 kms
Niverville - 17 kms
Kleefeld - 14 kms
St. Pierre-Jolys - 10 kms
Winnipeg - 50 kms

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What About Commuters?
Commuters are those who drive in for classes and who are not living in residence halls. We want to do all we can to integrate commuters into community life here at Providence. At the start of each semester a commuter carpool meeting takes place to help students plan rides. For more information, please contact Stephanie Kroeker, Student Services Coordinator at 1-800-668-7768, ext. 319.

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American Students

I’m American, why should I come to study in Canada?
Providence is an attractive choice for you as an American student coming to Canada. Providence Theological Seminary provides an excellent evangelical education coupled with small class sizes and personal attention. When compared to what you would pay in the United States for the same quality of education, Providence is a great deal more inexpensive. For instance, if you were a student attending Providence Theological Seminary the estimated basic costs for one academic year (September – April 2008-2009) is $9,555.00 CAD. That’s approximately $9,378 USD. (Residence not included)

As well, Providence Theological Seminary is accredited by the U.S. based Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Thus, we are approved by the U.S. Department of Education for purposes of the Federal Family Education Program. That means, as an American student, you can apply for loans from Federal Student Aid (this is best done at www.fafsa.ed.gov).

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Who are the Seminary Student Representative Council and what do they do?
Please click here for more information about the Seminary Student Representative Council.



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