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Financing your Education

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Providence Financial Aid

View the complete list of scholarship and bursaries available for Future Students here.
Please note that the Application Deadline is April 1st.

Seminary education is expensive. Students are encouraged to examine their present finances carefully, to seek the help of churches, foundations, and individuals, to maintain regular contact with their supporters, to determine how much they will need to earn during semesters and in the summer between semesters, to prayerfully consider the impact of student debt on their future, and in all of this to trust God fully to supply for material needs. Most often seminary education will require a frugal lifestyle, careful resource management, hard work, and great faith. The Lord often supplies at the last minute from unexpected sources. Providence Theological Seminary offers a limited number of bursaries, scholarships, and awards to deserving students. In addition, each student should understand that through the sacrificial donations of friends of the school, their tuition has already been reduced by $1,000. This, in effect, is a bursary awarded to each student who enrolls.

The annual amount of scholarships and bursaries awarded by Providence will now be credited for the full year in the Winter semester. Students who are completing their program requirements in a Fall semester will still receive their bursary in that Fall semester.

The majority of funds available to a student from other sources (summer earnings, student loans) are higher at the beginning of the Fall semester than the Winter semester. To balance this out, the scholarship and bursary funds will be given in the Winter semester when student funds are typically tighter.

Providence scholarships and bursaries come from a limited pool of funds. They are intended for deserving students who are committed to their education at Providence. Students who maintain an acceptable academic standing through the Fall semester and who are staying for the entire academic year (except in the case of the final semester of their academic program) will be eligible for those Scholarships and Bursaries.

Other Offerings

Seniors Bursary, Tuition Discount (no limit on courses)
Seniors (age 65 and over) will receive free tuition for all audited courses. In addition, one credit course will also receive free tuition, while all subsequent credit courses will receive a 50% discount. All regular student and library fees will still apply. Not all programs or courses are eligible for this bursary; all bursary applications will be considered by the Registrar's Office, and applicants will be contacted if their bursary will not apply.
To apply for this bursary, please find the application form here.

Have Questions?

Speak with our Scholarships & Bursaries Coordinator, Debbie Holden.

Government Student Loans

Canada Student Loan

Providence Theological Seminary has been designated as an eligible institution for the purposes of the Canada Student Loans Plan.

Students who qualify are eligible for bank loans. Repayment of a loan begins six months after graduation, or six months after the student completes his/her academic work if it is prior to graduation.

Student Loan Financial Counselling

All Providence students who are or will be receiving Canadian provincial and/or federal student loans must complete the following Student Loan Financial Counselling web form.

Manitoba Provincial Government Loans

Manitoba Provincial Government Loan assistance is available to Manitoba residents. Students from other provinces may be eligible for aid through their province's program.

U.S. Veterans

All degree programs in the Seminary have been approved by the Veterans Administration for the enrolment of eligible Veterans under the Veterans' Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966. Applications and requests for information should be submitted to the Adjudication Office, Veterans Administration Regional Office, 194 North Capital St. N.E., Washington, DC, 20421, U.S.A. 

U.S. Direct Loan Program

The U.S. Department of Education has approved Providence University College for purposes of the Direct Loan Program (Subsidized, Unsubsidized & PLUS Loans). The institutional code number to be used on loan application forms is G12274.  Students are encouraged to apply for a student loan using the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) website at  Please notify your admissions counsellor if you have completed the FAFSA. 

The U.S. Department of Education requires Providence to notify Direct Loan recipients of our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) Policies.  Please click here for the SAP/R2T4 Policies

For more information about student loans in your Province or State, follow these links:

Manitoba: 1-800-204-1685
British Columbia:
Newfoundland and Labrador:
New Brunswick:
Nova Scotia:
Prince Edward Island:
Northwest Territories:
US Students:

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