Other Bursaries


Other Scholarships or Bursaries

Seniors Bursary, Tuition Discount (no limit on courses)

Seniors (age 65 and over) will receive free tuition for all audited courses. In addition, one credit course will also receive free tuition, while all subsequent credit courses will receive a 50% discount. All regular student and library fees will still apply. Not all programs or courses are eligible for this bursary; all bursary applications will be considered by the Registrar's Office, and applicants will be contacted if their bursary will not apply.

The application deadline for this burary is the registration day.  If you are eligible, please remember to apply for this bursary when you register for the course.


Seminary Module Room & Board Bursary

This bursary is available to Providence Seminary students registering for 1 or 2 week seminary modular courses held on the Otterburne campus. Students will receive a room & board bursary during their study stay. All applicable students must follow the requirements and submit the online form to receive the bursary.

5 day course = $200 4 day course = $160 3 day course = $120


The Spousal Student Bursary

This bursary is available to the spouse of a full-time Providence University College and Theological Seminary student enrolled in a degree program.

The spouse of a full-time student not receiving funding from another organization will be eligible for funding for one audit course per semester.   The spouse of a full-time student not receiving funding from another organization will be eligible for 50% off tuition fee for one for-credit course per semester.  The applicant is only eligible for either one auditing course per semester or one course for credit per semester, not both.

In order to receive the above bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria/requirements:

1. The spouse of an applicant must be a full time student either at Providence University College or Theological Seminary.

2. The spouse of an applicant must be enrolled in a Providence University College or Seminary degree program.

3. The applicant must submit a University College or Theological Seminary application prior to applying for this bursary.

4.  The applicant must inform Providence whether they receive any assistance from another organization.


Have Questions?

Speak with our Scholarships & Bursaries Coordinator.

Yu Jeong Cho
International Enrollment Officer and Scholarships & Bursaries Coordinator

Contact Yu Jeong if you are an international student (outside of the US).




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