Alumni Council


Current Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is comprised of the following members:

  • Al Peterson (BA 1989, M.Div 1993)
  • Jason Falk (BA 1998)
  • Melissa Bert-Vidal (BA 2007)
  • Dustin Burlet (M.Div 2011)
  • Richard Wadholm Jr. (M.Div 2012)
  • Janet Regehr (MA 2013)

As part of the Alumni Association, the Alumni Council is pleased to offer many benefits, perks and services to all alumni. The council will be working on more ways to keep alumni connected to Providence in the months and years to come.

Opportunities to be a part of the Alumni Council

We are continuing to expand our Alumni Council to have Alumni representatives throughout Canada and the United States. These members are chosen for their support to Providence and their willingness and ability to be the voice of the alumni in their area, representing Providence to their constituents.

Representatives from Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are still needed. Please view the Roles and Responsibilities below if interested. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of an Alumni Council member are as follows:

  • Pray for the Alumni in your Province.
  • Be the voice of Alumni in your Province.
  • Attend two teleconferences (one in September and one in February) on a Saturday morning.  September’s meeting will be about our plans for the year (suggestions are welcome) and the February’s meeting will be to pick the Alumni of the Year Award.
  • Attend and assist if an Alumni Reception is being held in your area if possible.
  • Give financially to Providence. 

If interested, please contact the Providence Development Office.

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