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Faith Series Teaching Tools

Adult Bible Based Curriculum Materials for ESL/EAL or EFL

Available in three formats:

     BK - hard copy 3 ring binder complete with Cd's

     CD - CD-rom and Audio CDs in CD Case (no print copy)

     EL - Electronic files only   (best for overseas)

    [ WB- Workbook for students (all the teacher copyable pages in a binder)]

Faith Series Teaching Tools

(70-120 hours teaching)

Faith Journey I


Faith Journey 2


Faith Encounters I


Faith Encounters


Faith Portraits I


Faith Portraits II



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NEW!  (25-35 hours teaching) suitable for short term ministry

adapted from Faith Encounters I & II


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(30-40 hours teaching) First Century Christianity 

adapted from Faith Portraits II


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What makes this curricula so valuable? 

  • Text-based – Each unit is built around an authentic text from various versions of the English Bible.
  • Task-based – Meaning is at the core of language, and each task has the learners using language in a meaningful way. 
  • Function-based – Each unit develops the learner’s language for every-day living. The language learned in the classroom is applicable for use outside the classroom. 
  • Focus on: listening, speaking, reading, writing skills 
  • Contains instruction in all aspects of language: discourse, sociolinguistic, strategic, and linguistic (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) 
  • TimeSaver - Lesson plans are complete. Preparation time is much reduced so you can concentrate on teaching with the resources that are built in. Workbooks are now available so even the copying for class can be reduced.  Based on over 30 years of teacher experience in the ESL field.
  • Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced - Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) levels 2-9. 
  • Because the Bible represents a historical setting and is couched in historical Hebrew culture, these curricula are suitable for either ESL/EAL (English as a Second/Additional Language) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching.

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NEW! Digital copies

Now available in digital electronic file only (no binder, do disks). Email orders and instructions will be given on payment and file transfer. Especially useful for overseas.  See online ordering above to order.

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Resources for Adult ESL/EAL

Academic Writing Skills

FEI Academic Writing Skills

Authors: Gail Tiessen & Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler

Level: Intermediate CLB 5-7

Pages: 227

Author: Gail Tiessen

Level: Intermediate CLB 5-7

Pages: 239

Canadian Holidays & Special Days  English for Work

Canadian Holidays and Special Days 


Author: Gail Tiessen
Level: High Beginner, Intermediate, CLB 4-5
Focus: All four skills
Text: Unique for each Unit
Available in Book or CD format
Pages: 507

Author: Gail Tiessen

Level: CLB 4-6

Pages: 1109

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 The Elma Street Treasure Third Edition

Elma Street Treasure Teacher

Elma Street Treasure Student


Elma Street Treasure
Teacher's Edition Rev.

Level: Intermediate; CLB 5-8

Excellent for Speaking and Canadian Cultural study;  Based on the 12-scene play, Elma Street Treasure

Elma Street Treasure
Student Book

Includes: 12-scene play; Cerelox bound

*Purchase new dramatized listening disks:  0973352337  $29.99 *


  • Gail Tiessen, Coordinator (TESOL and TTESOL Instructor, Providence College and Theological Seminary)
  • Play (text) by Sara Pasiciel (Manitoba Playright and Providence College Drama Instructor)
  • Illustrations by Rhian Brynjolson (Manitoba Artist)
  • Tasks by Shantell Almeida, Julie Bell and Elaine Peters (Providence Masters students, each involved in some level of ESL (EFL)/EAL or TESOL)
  • Songs by Doug Sadler (YWAM, ESL (EFL)/EAL teacher)


  • Suitable for secular use, schools, etc.
  • The play is the text which is supported by illustrations. The content is Canadian and set in Manitoba
  • Written for use in communicative teaching. It teaches immigrants about Canadian culture including everyday issues of living.
  • Each task includes estimated times, lists of required materials, learning style and procedures
  • The play consists of 12 scenes with a list of competency foci for each task
  • Tasks cover sociolinguistic, functional, linguistic, and strategic competencies
  • Each scene contains a song to learn, often using well-known tunes
  • Reproducible: the teacher who buys Elma Street Treasure Teacher’s Edition has the right to copy the play or tasks
  • CD’s contain Active and Passive Readings of the play, the songs and the materials

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The Peace Seekers

The Peace Seekers Authors: Gail Tiessen, Christy Schellenberg, Laura Stoutenburg

Level: Low Intermediate Learners

Focus: Primarily developing reading skills with all four language skills addressed

Text: The story of Canadian Mennonites from the Reformation to the Present


  • Ideal for ESL (EFL)/EAL and literacy programs
  • An illustrated student workbook
  • 10 units of text and tasks
  • Scaffolding and spiral learning built in
  • Texts based on Mennonite history and culture


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Teacher's TESOL Grammar Shapes Kit

TESOL Shapes Kit

Teacher's Kit

Focus: Teaching sentence structure
Includes: Instructions booklet with many phrase and sentence samples and Foam Shapes, magnet backing.
Price: $39.99

How to Use Our Materials

TESOL Shapes Kit

TESOL: An Opportunity

A Case Study at Bayview Glen Alliance, Toronto, Ontario

DVD with answers as to what a TESOL program could do for your church and your ESL students as well as a discussion of what the structure might look like based on an experienced church. Shows how to use our curriculum in that setting as well.

 Free for the asking!

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Classroom Hints for Faith Curricula

Illustration videos of task based curriulum in use and  interviews using footage from Bayview Glen Alliance, and classes in Steinbach and Cuba

Class sessions led by Bayview teacher Mary, and Providence teachers Elfrieda, Elaine and Terry, with interviews with Mary and Mary from Bayview and Gail from Providence.

Free for the asking! 

 Shipping and handling: $4.00 for one or $7.50 for both 

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