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When do textbooks become available to purchase at the Bookstore?
Textbooks become available approximately one month before any semester. Online, off-campus and module courses are usually available two months beforehand.

What do I do if my textbook sells out before I get my copy?
Your best and quickest option is to simply fill out a text order form for anything sold out. The text may already be on the way and will be quickly ordered if not. For notes, they will be printed in a day or two.  The form will come back to your mailbox as soon as the item is available. This is on a first come first serve basis and is our way of making sure everyone gets their book as quickly as possible.

How can I order my textbooks for online, module or Calgary courses?
If you are a Calgary extension student or taking online or module courses please contact the Bookstore  or use the Webstore (Browse Featured Lists) to order your books.

What is the Bookstore's Return Policy on textbooks?
Our policy is that all books bought on campus must be returned within 7 days.

Why are some textbooks so expensive?
See here for what the U of M says about this. Please note that we do as much as possible to aggressively discount text prices for your benefit and to supply used textbooks when available.

Will the Bookstore buy back my used textbook?
We do buy back textbooks, but only once we are sure it is being used again. Currently, that means from a month before classes begin until the second day of registration (Aug 1 and Dec 1). We occasionally do buybacks for a used book distributor, although the values are less (late Nov, late March).

Does the Bookstore sell used textbooks?
We have more on hand now than ever before as we are using some new sources, and students are using the buyback service more. We have been particularly successful in Business and composition courses.


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