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Ordering from Providence Bookstore

We love to take your orders and answer your questions.  We have access to information on books, books on CD,  Bible software and other materials. Course texts for summer are in stock already. Below are our webstores for ordering or researching the right product.

70% Clearance Directions- to check stock go to and choose 70% Clearance. The departmental lists will come up for you to view and you can order right from the lists.  Most items are entered at retail but some items are entered at sale prices, we will email back with the price on your order for approval.

Web Ordering Tools


Webstore  — Register to create an account and then  log in to order books from Providence Bookstore via built in email. Search for books using our  search engine including bestseller lists. PB Webstore  is our main online information source and will indicate what is in stock in our store and give estimates for items not in stock. Items listed include over a million titles that are available to us. Now includes secure credit card and Paypal payment options.

Course books for online, Calgary or module courses are now listed. Choose  Feature on the left menu, then move to required course to be able to order each course. We will respond with correct postage and taxes, and a simple approval will get it on the way.

You can also call (1-204-433-7488)  or email  for orders or any other information you may require. Add our contact information from our reply in order to contact us more directly in the future.



This Ebook web store is a source for over 22000 ebooks, many of  which are reference or course texts as well as many text sources.

Regular Texts are generally listed at a better price in our PB Webstore and are usually in stock.  Use "ebook" in your search to see if one exists for the book you are interested in. (More titles are launching monthly as new agreements and titles come on line)


This Rental web store contains rental books which are mainly reference or course texts but does include many other titles.  If your budget is small, and you won't be keeping the book or highlighting, this may be for you. Digital titles will also be available at this site eventually.

Regular Texts are generally listed at a better price in our Bookmanager instore webtool.

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