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Sweet Surrender by Dennis Hiebert $29.96 

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“Contemplating marriage is, itself, an act of courageous and intelligent cultural engagement, and Dennis Hiebert serves as an expert guide. Sweet Surrender will help readers think anew about what marriage, intimacy, sex, and love mean in various cultural contexts.”

Jenell Paris, Professor of Anthropology, Messiah College

“In this biblically informed book, Hiebert utilizes the concept of sweet surrender to describe the less than healthy way in which biblical ideals for marriage are surrendered to contemporary socio-cultural norms. This insightful book is timely for both [married] individuals and those attempting to understand the complexity of marriage in a postmodern society with competing systems of moral structure. . . . I strongly recommend this book for Christian leaders, teachers, or anyone else who wants [to] understand how the biblical essence of marriage can be recaptured in contemporary society.”

Jack Balswick, Senior Professor of Sociology and Family Development, Fuller Theological Seminary

Sweet Surrender

Faculty books

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Sweet Surrender 

by Dennis Hiebert 

priced at $29.96

Sweet Surrender

"Only If You Are Really Interested" Celebrity, Gender, Desire and the World of Morrissey
by Nicholas Greco

priced at $49.99

The Contemplative Counselor: A Way of Being
by Rodolpho Nolasco


The Gospel according to Bob Dylan: The Old, Old Story of Modern Times 
by Michael Gilmour

priced at $16.50

Cover image for Gospel according to Bob Dylan

Gods and Guitars: Seeking the Sacred in Post-1960's Popular Music

by Michael Gilmour

priced at $25.99

Tangled up in the Bible: Bob Dylan and Scripture

by Michael Gilmour

priced at $33.95

The Significance of Parallels between 2 Peter and Other Early Christian Literature 
by Michael Gilmour

(not pictured)

Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture 
by Michael Gilmour




Faith Encounters / Faith Journeys /
Faith Portraits and others
by Gail Tiessen


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Providence and Prayer 
by Terrance Tiessen

priced at $35.99

Who Can be Saved?: Reassessing Salvation in Christ and World Religions 
by Terrance Tiessen

sale price $33.99

Former Adjunct Books

Transformed by His Presence
by Dr. Tammy Schultz

priced at $13.99

The need for prayer in counseling. by Dr. Tammy Schultz





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