Seminary Student Representative


Seminary Student Representative

The appointed student leaders make up the Student Representative Council (SRC). The purposes of the SRC are:

  1. To enhance communication between PTS Faculty and the student body
    and vice versa; and
  2. to provide a forum for interaction between the student leaders.

The SRC normally includes the following members:

  • Student-Faculty Liason (chair)
  • Seminary Social Coordinator
  • Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator
  • 2 PTS Students
  • A Person Appointed by the Vice President for Student Development
Student-Faculty Liason
The Liason is responsible for representing the Seminary students to the Seminary faculty and administration and, on occasions when the VPA deems it helpful, to represent Seminary faculty and administration to students. As well, this person is available to students on a casual and/or appointment basis to listen to their concerns and questions about Seminary courses, programs, policies, etc., and to present these concerns to the VPA. (Full description of responsibilities can be obtained from Gayle Penner)
Seminary Social Coordinator
The Social Coordinator is responsible for organizing social activities during the semester for the Seminary student body and participating in the planning of the Christmas Banquet and Seminary Grad Banquet. (Full description of responsibilities can be obtained from Gayle Penner)
Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator
The chapel coordinator is responsible for planning and directing the program of the Seminary chapel, including its various components of worship, fellowship, instuction and inspiration. They arrange for the participation of others in the chapel program, including students, faculty, staff and invited guests, and organize and conduct the scheduled Day of Prayer for each semester. (Full description of responsibilities can be obtained from Gayle Penner)


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