The Providence Legacy Fund
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Christians want to influence the world for Christ. They live their lives as witnesses for Christ each day. They are involved in their church and in various Christian organizations. They also support these organizations with their finances. The lives of Christians demonstrate commitment to changing the world. They also want their work to continue on earth when they go to their heavenly home. They want to leave a legacy for future generations.

Invest in Christian University Education

The Providence Legacy Fund was created so that Christians who believe in the ministry of Providence University College or Providence Theological Seminary can ensure that these two schools can fulfill their mission to form a Christian academic community in the evangelical tradition that teaches people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service. The Providence Legacy Fund maintains legacy investments and uses the earnings from these investments to support the work of Providence.

The Providence Legacy Fund receives two kinds of investments. First, it receives endowments where the capital is preserved in perpetuity and the earnings are used for particular projects or to support general operations. Second, it receives money in trust in which both the capital and its earnings are used over a specified period of time for a particular project.

The following pages define the ministry of the Providence Legacy Fund in more detail.

Eye Witness

Get to know Providence better by reading our magazine, the Eye Witness.

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