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Public lectures take Providence scholarship into the community
Providence professors are about to embark on an intellectual road trip that will take their scholarly work on a regional tour, with stops in Steinbach, Winkler, and Winnipeg.
This is the fourth year the Public Lecture Series will be presented to the surrounding community, and between February 2 and March 15 (free admission) attendees will take part in conversations concerning the Bible in contemporary politics, a Christian approach to the environment, human rights and religion, and the untold stories of Jesus and women, among other topics.
“It’s important for the general public to experience first-hand the discourse that occurs in universities, so they can understand what transpires in universities and hopefully value and support universities more,” says Dr. Dennis Hiebert, Chair of the Public Scholarship Committee at Providence and the school’s Professor of Sociology.
Hiebert hopes all those who attend a Public Lecture will come away with a greater appreciation for the breadth of interdisciplinary scholarship on offer at Providence, as well a deeper, more nuanced understanding of today’s issues. He points out there are “insights that professors who study these issues from the perspective of one or more academic discipline can provide because of the rigour and thoroughness of scholarship.”
As for the professors, themselves, Hiebert says Providence faculty are “refreshed” by interacting with “mature inquirers” in public spaces.
“Taking their scholarship beyond the classroom and into the public square is not only what they are contracted to do,” he adds, “but also what they love to do.”
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