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Moose Game Fundraiser
Providence Athletics supporters viewing the Moose Game
The view from the Coca-Cola view box at the MTS Centre

Providence Athletics supporters enjoy elite Coca-Cola viewing box

The use of the elite Coca-Cola box at the MTS Centre is an annual perk from Providence Athletics sponsor Coca-Cola. Providence has offered this unique opportunity to view the Manitoba Moose from the best seats in the house as a prize at various fundraising functions.

This year, on Mar. 3, Athletics Director Scott Masterson opened up this opportunity to former Providence athletes to view the game while reconnecting with the school and learning how they can get involved with the future of the Providence Freemen.

Currently the athletic program is looking to upgrade their change rooms for varsity teams and members of the newly finished fitness centre.

“We knew that we needed to raise the funds for this project and were looking for different ways to get people involved and interested in helping out, so when this opportunity arose we wanted to make the best of it,” said Masterson.

As momentum builds for the athletics program at Providence, Masterson said he wants to be sure things continue to move forward. “Some of the top priorities that would make the most significant improvements on our programs had to do with improving the athletic facilities,” Masterson said, “so these new projects are a continuation of these priorities. One way we want to make this happen is to encourage our athletics alumni (who have become established in their careers) to get involved financially by committing to support the program.”

Masterson added, “It is amazing to look through the list of athletics alumni to see just how many people have come through the program.”

He hopes this continues with their current athletes, “who will want to give back to a program that hopefully played a significant part in their college years. It comes down to the people and the relationships that are made.”

Masterson noted that former athletes who have moved on to play for other schools, often comment that it’s just not the same.

“When I ask them why,” Masterson said, “it usually comes back to how much fun they had with their teammates at Providence. That, and that we are constantly working on improving the quality of our athletics program as well as the services available for our athletes, make Providence Athletics a great program to be part of.”

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