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Public lecture explores resonance between faith and science
Everything holds together because of Christ’s active sustaining of creation.
Dr. Arnold Sikkema explored the resonance between Christianity and science, Tuesday, in a free, public lecture at Providence.
Sikkema, Professor of Physics at Trinity Western University and president of the Christian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA), began the lecture, entitled “Quantum Physics and Christianity,” by providing a primer on quantum mechanics before bringing theological and philosophical reflections on creation, covenant and law into his 50-minute presentation.
An audience of about 70 students, faculty, staff and interested members of the public encountered concepts such as indeterminism, ground state and the dual imminence and transcendence of God as revealed through science.
Acknowledging that quantum physics has sometimes been considered “against” Christianity, Sikkema addressed the tension between faith and science by citing Genesis 8:22: As long as the earth endures / seedtime and harvest / cold and heat / summer and winter / day and night / will never cease.
“From a Christian perspective I would say this is the foundation for science,” asserted Sikkema. “Why can we do science at all? It’s because there are regularities in the world that we can depend upon because God has agreed to be faithful to his covenant with creation.”
He added: “Everything holds together because of Christ’s active sustaining of creation.”
Significantly, Sikkema pointed out that indeterminism is consistent with Christian faith because, he explained, a world where things “be” and where things “are,” and with considerable autonomy, was, and is, intrinsic to His design.
“God is both imminent and transcendent,” he said. “He both created time and joins humanity in the experience of time. God works with all things to bring about his purposes. He doesn’t simply overrule the things in the world; he works with the things in the world.”
Providence was the fifth engagement of the CSCA National Lecture tour, which has already stopped at institutions including McGill University and the University of Toronto. It will wrap up at Trinity Western University on November 22.


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