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Reduce Studying Stress:

Eat a Waffle on Monday!

Providence staff and faculty will treat students to an AMAZING waffle buffet during exam week.

During exam week at most post-secondary institutions, among the last-minute papers and cramming, you will find stress, studying, and little to no sleep. At Providence College and Seminary, you will also find waffles.

The staff and faculty are treating their 500 or so students to a free waffle study break called Wafflefest on Monday, April 19 at 8:30 pm.

This comes as good news for two Providence students in their final year are trying to keep their stress levels under control.

“I usually feel really stressed heading into exam week,” says Paul Oleniuk, Student Council president at Providence. “[I’m] worried that I'm going to sit down with the exam in front of me and totally blank on everything I've tried to cram into my brain. And so I tend to study a lot, which usually makes me even more stressed.”

“My stress is pretty high level currently,” says Aubrey Dyck, “both because of attempting to get assignments done and because I'm a little terrified to be graduating and so unsure of what lies ahead.”

The Student Health Centre in Troy, New York, says that taking breaks will, “increase the effectiveness of your studying.”

“Although we don't advocate for students to eat their stress away, we all know that two of the things students appreciate the most are procrastinating from studying, and eating free food. Why not combine the two?” says Marlin Reimer, director of student development at Providence who is organizing the waffle event.

“I'm definitely planning on heading out to Monday's Wafflefest,” says Oleniuk. “By that time of the evening, I've usually gone over my notes for a couple of hours, and taking a break to hang out with friends and enjoy some food really helps me to re-focus. I think it's really awesome how the staff take time out of their crazy-busy schedules to help us relax from studying. And yeah, these kind of things definitely help me deal with the stress and keep going through the week.”

“The stress relieving efforts are helpful,” says Dyck. “My stress doesn't necessarily go down, but it does cause me to breathe for a moment, pause, and give me a good reason to spend time with all those people that are just as much a part of my college experience as all this work is.”

“It’s an important part of a school’s community health during exam time, to take care of its students,” says Reimer.

When asked if she will be attending Wafflefest, Dyck said, ““If it involves them feeding me waffles, I'm in. It's hard to be stressed while you're eating waffles.”

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