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Buller School of Business students earn Global Top 100 rankings in business simulation
Two Buller School of Business students have been producing top performances in McGraw-Hill’s Business Strategy Game.
Competing against opponents from around the world, Dawt Chin Tial and Cody Turnbull have turned their simulated businesses into global successes, regularly achieving Top 100 designations in Return on Equity and Stock Price.
Dawt, who has monitored her competitors and taken advantage of inventory shortfalls, has earned regular Top 100 placements in both categories. Turnbull, having hit a pricing sweet spot across the breadth of his products, has consistently charted a competitive Return on Equity and produced the 81st-best Stock Price in the most recent rankings.
The game requires participants to launch mock footwear companies and then make decisions relating to factors such as production, compensation, pricing, marketing, inventory, financing, sponsorship and social responsibility. Both Dawt and Turnbull say their learning experience has been enhanced by the game, which is highly detailed and demands considerable attention.
“It gives me a chance to understand some of the strategies and concepts I’ve learned and practiced in class,” says Dawt. “It has also taught me how to think strategically when making a decision.”
Turnbull says the game has helped him appreciate markets and the complexities of running a big business.
“I look at Dawt every week to see what she is doing,” he explains. “Knowing what your competition is doing is essential.”
Dawt and Turnbull also point to the Business Strategy Game’s place within the Buller School of Business experience more broadly. Both appreciate the small class sizes and opportunities to interact with professors.
“We have the chance to participate in discussions, voice our opinions and learn about others’ views, as some students come from different countries,” says Dawt, an international student from Myanmar. “Most importantly,” she adds, “professors teach us to think about business from a Christian perspective.”
Turnbull, who says the smaller class sizes allow him to ask more difficult, challenging questions than he might in a more crowded setting, also underlines the tie-in between business and faith.
“For me, it’s about trying to come to terms with treating people with responsibility,” he says, adding that there’s a “huge amount of humility” that goes into running a business as a Christian. “There might be times you bite the bullet for the sake of people, for the sake of what’s right and good and honest.”
Adds Dawt: “You do business like business is a mission.”
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(Top image: Dawt Chin Tial and Cody Turnbull.)


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