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Providence Business graduate excited about future missions opportunities
It was during her time overseas with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) that Gina Turnbull discovered her love for administration. Dubbed the “team finance person,” she was able to practice her passion for organization and numbers while travelling through South Africa—the country of her birth—as well as Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.
“As a PK (pastor’s kid) I also loved the church, so coming to Providence for Business Administration and Church Ministries seemed perfect,” she says. But she still had the travel bug and thought that after a couple years in Otterburne she’d return to YWAM as a staff member.
Mile Two Discipleship School, as it happened, changed all that.
“In my second year I began to hear murmurs about this Mile Two Discipleship School,” she recalls. “I didn’t need to travel to work with a discipleship school. One was coming to me!”
Gina (nee van der Linde) served as a resident supervisor with Mile Two for two years. She enjoyed being able to study while continuing her involvement with the Providence-based discipleship school, and in 2016 she travelled to Israel with the students.
All the while she continued to pursue a double major, and it was in Non-Profit Management class that she met Cody Turnbull.
“My Dad specifically told me once or twice that I probably shouldn’t marry someone I met at Providence,” she remembers. “Oops!”
Gina explains that meeting and dating Cody taught her a lot about that character of God—how to use the tools of wisdom He has provided and to “stay in step with him along the way” to figure out his plan.
“It was pretty fun to be really good friends, and then date,” she says. “Prov is a place that naturally fosters deep friendships, and so our basis as really good friends is a great foundation for us. Spending our final year of school married was also great!”
Gina and Cody helped manage the Take Ten coffee shop on campus, went to classes together and experienced university life as a couple.
“It’s pretty great getting to graduate and know that, with all the unknowns ahead, you have an amazing partner by your side,” she says.
On Sunday both Gina and Cody will graduate from Providence—both with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Administration and Church Ministries. And Gina already has a job lined up. Starting May 8 she’ll be working with Abundance Canada in Winnipeg.
“It’s a job where I’ll use my passions, skills and abilities, and right here in Winnipeg,” she says. “I’m excited for a season of investing in this organization, investing in the local church and trying to figure out life as a non-student.”
She doesn’t hesitate to add that she’ll miss the Providence community.
“The professors here at Prov have been one of my favourite things about studying here,” she says. The classes are small enough that you get to know them so well, and they often end up impacting your life as a friend and person as well as an academic authority.”
She cites Dr. Randall Holm’s “well-known rabbit trails” and “crazy magic tricks” as things she’ll remember fondly, as well as her courses with Rev. Kara Mandryk. And she’s taken pride in seeing the Business department, now the Buller School of Business, grow during her time at Providence.
“My dream in coming here was to develop more administrative skills and business knowledge so I’d be an asset to whatever ministry I became involved with in the future,” she says.
She got exactly that, and then some.
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