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Providence runs for Jake
For more than 10 years Val Hiebert, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Providence, has organized a Providence faculty/staff team to run in the annual Manitoba Marathon relay event. This year she was unable to do so, having withdrawn from her normal activities to care for her husband, Jake Friesen, who was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer several months ago.
Her team, however, secretly organized without her, saving a place for her in the event she could join them at the last minute. Unfortunately she couldn’t, as Jake is just completing his fourth round of intensive chemo treatment.
On Sunday, June 18, the Providence team participated in the relay wearing shirts reading “Providence for Jake” and featuring the images of a man and woman “seeking the Light,” which Jake and Val have adopted as their motto in this journey.
Providence continues to uplift Jake and Val in prayer. Val can be reached at her Providence email address:
(Top image: Cameron McKenzie, VP for University College and Academic Dean; Heidi Martens, Executive Assistant for Development; Michael Gilmour, Professor of New Testament and English Literature; Dennis Hiebert, Professor of Sociology; Irma McKenzie, VP for Development and Alumni Relations.)

 Michael hands off to Dennis.

 Irma and Heidi.

The team finishes the Manitoba Marathon at Investors Group Field.

Val Hiebert and Jake Friesen.


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