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New Biblical Studies professor seeks to instill a deep love of scripture
Debating, acting, examining visual art and analyzing music…students in Dr. Heather Macumber’s classes can expect to engage with the Bible in unique, relevant ways.
“In larger, first-year lectures, students will soon realize that the Bible should not be read in isolation but continues to interact with culture today,” says Dr. Macumber, who recently moved from Hamilton to Otterburne to join the Providence University College faculty as Associate Professor of Biblical Studies. “We will explore the ancient context of the Bible but also use modern pop culture to understand the ways the biblical text is interpreted in our culture.”
An Old Testament and Hebrew Bible scholar who earned her Ph.D. from the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto, Dr. Macumber enjoys introducing students to the “richness of the First Testament,” particularly the history of Israel’s exilic experience and subsequent return.
“For most of its history Israel is a nation experiencing imperial domination, and I love exploring with students how this affects not only Israel’s understanding of history but its identity as well,” she says, adding that she works with a theoretical device that helps explain the Israel of the Old Testament. Called “Monster Theory,” it examines “the monsters of the Bible and how they represent the fears and insecurities of Israel as they negotiate living under various empires,” she explains.
Dr. Macumber, her husband and her two children will shortly take possession of a property in Grunthal, where she’ll look forward to planting a vegetable garden next spring. Away from the classroom she also enjoys hiking, knitting and playing European strategy board games, although you won’t find her in the cinema for a scary movie.
“Although I love to research and write about ancient monsters, I am terrified of watching horror films!” she says.
With Welcome Week about to begin on campus, Dr. Macumber is excited about making connections with Providence students, staff and fellow faculty. She also relishes the opportunity to instill a “deep love of scripture” in her students and equipping them with the confidence to interpret the Bible effectively after graduating.
“I’m excited to work at a school that values engaging with the Bible both critically and theologically,” she says. “The school’s mission to integrate faith and learning is particularly attractive to me.”
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