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Dr. Tim Perry Ordained

Providence Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the ordination of Dr. Tim Perry to the Anglican Church on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010.

“It is a significant distinction to have a member of the Providence Theological Seminary faculty ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada,” says Dr. Gus Konkel, president of Providence College and Seminary. ”It is the mission of Providence Seminary to be a resource to the church; the direct involvement of faculty in the ministry of the church is tangible evidence of dedication to this mission. Providence Seminary serves in the evangelical tradition of the church; Dr. Perry will contribute significantly to that group within the Anglican Church of Canada.”

Dr. Perry, associate professor of Theology and Ethics, says his ordination to the presbyterate (or priesthood) is a result of a 10-year journey that has taken a lot of prayer and support.

“Everybody’s process is different,” says Dr. Perry, “being tailored to their own life, and educational, and church experience. But the major steps are the same for all.”

Dr. Perry outlined that a person must be recommended to the bishop and dioceses by a local parish; the diocese recommends the candidate to the national church; and the national church confirms the recommendation.

“After a period of study and service, the bishop ordains suitable candidates to the diaconate,” says Dr. Perry. “After a further period of study and service, suitable candidates are ordained to the presbyterate. Within these major steps, there are almost infinite variations of time, educational requirements (though the Masters of Divinity degree is a pretty standard requirement), number of parish placements, and so on.”

In addition to his teaching responsibilities at the seminary, Dr. Perry is now licensed, meaning he can celebrate communion and function as a parish priest, to serve in St. Margaret’s Church, a large multi-staff Anglican parish in Winnipeg.

“I am there as their scholar in residence and to provide a small amount of pastoral oversight and liturgical leadership under the supervision of their rector, Rev. Dr. David Widdicombe, who is also a Providence Board Member,” says Dr. Perry.

Dr. Perry is a resident of Steinbach, MB, and has published a number of books, including He Ascended into Heaven: Learn to Live an Ascension Shaped Life; The Legacy of John Paul II; and Mary for Evangelicals: Toward an Understanding of the Mother of Our Lord.

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