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2014 Providence Public Lecture Series

Access to higher education may be freely available online, but Providence University College & Seminary is going a step further and making the expertise of its faculty freely available to the public in person. A seven-part public lecture series consisting of seven separate topics addressed by seven different Providence faculty members. During February and March, the series will run concurrently in Winnipeg at the McNally Robinson Bookstore Travel Alcove on Saturday evenings, and in Steinbach at the Eastman Education Centre on Tuesday evenings.

This year, Providence has expanded the public lecture series to include dates in Winkler. From mid-March to April, a five-part public lecture series will be held at the South Central Regional Library in Winkler

The series is structured in such a way that anyone can pick and choose which topics interest them and decide even at the last minute to attend without registering in advance, or paying at the door. “We are offering scholarly analysis and reflection on a variety of unrelated topics that will be addressed in a manner that does not assume those who attend have a background in the particular academic discipline represented,” says Dr. Dennis Hiebert, Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Public Scholarship Committee that planned the series. “The lectures will be enriching in multiple ways, and will no doubt stimulate discussion before the evening is over.”

The job description of a Providence faculty member calls for three kinds of outputs: teaching, research and writing, and community service. While the community service of each faculty member is for the most part individualized according to their interests and expertise, an institutionally coordinated offering such as this public lecture series gives the broader public better access to multi-disciplinary scholarship.

Dr. David Johnson, President of Providence University College & Theological Seminary, comments that “over the years, the faculty of Providence have made a significant impact in the academic world through publications and participation in various academic venues. In addition, the faculty have had various opportunities to enrich the life of particular institutions when invited. I am pleased that, for the first time, Providence itself is sponsoring a series of lectures for the general community in our own backyard. I hope these lectures will contribute to public discourse in Winnipeg, Steinbach and Winkler.”

The topics will range from biblical and theological studies, to the humanities and social sciences, to professional studies, thereby representing all the academic departments of Providence. Each lecture begins at 7:00pm and the schedule of topics is as follows:

February 1 (Winnipeg), February 4 (Steinbach) and March 22 (Winkler)

“The Ties That Bind Us: Unravelling Female Beauty Standards”
Valerie Hiebert, Ph.D. (Cand.), Assistant Professor of Sociology

February 8 (Winnipeg), February 11 (Steinbach) and March 29 (Winkler)

Why a Secular Society Needs Religion
Patrick Franklin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics

February 15 (Winnipeg), February 18 (Steinbach) and March 15 (Winkler)

“Rereading C.S. Lewis Fifty Years After His Death”
Michael Gilmour, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Literature

February 22 (Winnipeg) & February 25 (Steinbach) 

“Globish: English as a Global Language”
Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of TESOL

March 1 (Winnipeg), March 4 (Steinbach) and April 5 (Winkler)

“Manufacturing Discontent: A Sociological Analysis of Advertising”
Dennis Hiebert. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology

March 8 (Winnipeg) & March 11 (Steinbach)

“How Families Influence Adolescents”
Keith Hillier, D.Min. (Cand.), Assistant Professor of Youth Leadership

March 15 (Winnipeg), March 18 (Steinbach) and April 12 (Winkler)

“Like You’ve Never Seen It Before: Cinematic Re-Visionings of the Bible”
Cameron McKenzie, Ph.D. (Cand.), Associate Professor of Old Testament


For additional information, check the calendar of events.

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