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Charles "Chuck" Nichols Obituary

Chuck was born on August 22, 1939 to George and Elva Nichols. He was the younger brother of George Jr. He grew up in New Jersey where he attended the Lindenwold schools. Despite his grade 5 teacher, who wrote on his report card that he would never amount to much in education—“he just doesn’t have what it takes”—he completed high school as a member of the National Honor Society, served four years in the Navy, and then went on to complete a bachelor’s degree at Philadelphia College of the Bible in 1967, a Master of Arts at Wheaton College in 1970, and a Ph.D. in Adult Education at the University of Nebraska in 1983. Altogether Chuck taught for forty-three years in Christian higher education. During his career he taught in 20 countries and on five continents. He belonged to various professional societies and served on the board of a number of organizations. Not bad for a scrappy kid who today would have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

In 1961 Chuck met Susan Elwell in a class at Philadelphia College of the Bible. They were married July 13, 1963 and served at two churches as Youth Minister before taking up teaching at Grace College of the Bible in Omaha, Nebraska for thirteen years. In 1983 God, and Bill Eichhorst, led him to what was then called Winnipeg Theological Seminary. He was Professor of Educational Studies, but we have all lost track of how many different courses Chuck actually taught in bible, hermeneutics, homiletics, leadership, church planting, evangelism, and Christian education. He also preached and taught at various camps and churches including Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church, which was his home church.

His students loved him, not because he was an “easy teacher,” but because he treated them with love and respect. He stretched them and nurtured them into becoming what God wanted them to be. Chuck taught his last course at Providence this past October. He was one of the first ones to teach online courses in the Seminary. He was scheduled to teach one this winter semester. His thirty years of teaching at the Seminary are a testament to his commitment to serving his Lord faithfully as well as to his passion for people and enabling them to grow spiritually.

Chuck had other passions: chocolate, crossword puzzles, football, basketball, many kinds of music, prayer, fun, and encouraging everyone he encountered. No one will forget his smile or the little mannerisms that made him Chuck.

In 2005 he won his first battle with both cancer and a heart attack. His second battle over the past sixteen months ended the morning of January 14th at Bethesda Hospital. In the end he was what he had always wanted to be—a faithful servant of his Saviour and Lord.

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