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Awakening from the Nightmare: A Critical Overview of Friedrich Nietzsche's Philosophy

Providence College Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen, was interviewed February 25 on the Illinois-based, talk radio program Issues, Etc. The topic of discussion was Hendrik’s article, “Awakening from the Nightmare: A Critical Overview of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Philosophy,” recently published in Christian Research Journal.

 "Awakening from the Nightmare" is available in the Providence library, and the Issues, Etc. interview can be heard online.






Hendrik’s article points out that the anti-God, anti-truth, and anti-democratic philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) is currently very influential and in need of critical examination. The article sets out some salient features of Nietzsche’s philosophy—God is dead, perspectivism versus truth, slave-master morality, will to power, the superman—and argues that Nietzsche’s philosophy is deeply problematic. Indeed, Hendrik writes, "Nietzsche’s startling moral views should waken critical thinkers from philosophical slumber."

"Awakening from the Nightmare" presents three major criticisms of Nietzsche’s philosophy. First, Nietzsche’s slave-master morality has the makings of a moral nightmare because the will to power of the so-called superman/superior person is allowed to trample over others if the superman so desires; but we know such a moral view is false. Second, Nietzsche’s claims that there is no truth and that all knowledge is a matter of perspective (interpretation) are both self-refuting. The latter claim, moreover, also involves a debilitating infinite regress. Third, contrary to what Nietzsche would have us think, there are good reasons for thinking that God is not dead.



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