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213.34 Special Studies in Philosophy of Religion: William Lane Craig’s Campus Apologetics

April 25-29, 2011


Apologetics is the rational defence of the Christian faith. Apologetics is an academic discipline that attempts to answer questions such as these: Does God exist? Did Jesus actually resurrect from the dead? Do evil and suffering show that God doesn’t exist? Is God necessary for morality? Is God a delusion?


Providence College assistant professor of philosophy Dr. Hendrik van der Breggen is offering a one-week course examining the apologetic work of contemporary evangelical Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. The course focus will be on Craig’s university campus ministry, especially his public debates with leading critics of Christianity. Discussion topics will include the nature and limits of apologetics, religious epistemology, arguments for and against the existence of God, arguments for and against Jesus’ resurrection, the relationship between ethics and God, the relationship between science and God, plus Craig’s “ultimate apologetic.”


This is a three credit hour, senior level course in philosophy which may be of interest to all students, whether specializing in philosophy or not.


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