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Legislature Recognizes Providence
Legislature recognizes educational excellence offered by Providence University College
Name change helps Providence market programs that support global humanitarianism in Canada and throughout the world 
June 17, 2011 – Provincial politicians unanimously recognized the educational excellence provided by Manitoba’s largest self-standing private post-secondary institution yesterday with legislation renaming it Providence University College.
Bill 301, which clearly identifies that Providence offers university-level degrees, was approved by the 39th Manitoba legislature on Thursday. The change to the Christian university name allows it to extend its international reach.
“When attracting prospective students to our undergraduate degree programs we know that Canadian and international applicants want assurances that they are receiving university recognition and that we are providing a unique university experience,’’ Providence President Dr. August (Gus) Konkel said. “This new name more accurately reflects the kind of education Providence has been offering and will help us continue to grow community leaders who make an impact.”
The changes were moved in the legislature by NDP MLA Doug Martindale who, after retiring from politics this fall, has been asked to teach at Providence.
“This will greatly benefit an important post-secondary educational institution in our province,’’ Martindale told the legislature. “I look forward to teaching a course on politics and religion at Providence.”
The university college, located just south of Winnipeg in Otterburne, has inspired more than 10,000 alumni in more than 100 different countries around the world to take up the challenge of global humanitarianism and show the commitment to develop the leadership capacity to change lives and improve communities. Providence University College is one of three schools at Providence in Otterburne. The Seminary offers theological education; the English Language Institute prepares speakers of other languages to study at a university level.
The University of Manitoba accepts Providence undergraduate degrees for admittance into graduate studies, including the Asper School of Business. The province also recognizes degrees from Providence toward teacher certification when coupled with a Bachelor of Education.
“Providence certainly is an asset, not just to the region of south-eastern Manitoba, but, indeed to the entire province and I would say to the world because its graduates have gone throughout the world and have made an incredible difference in the lives of individuals,’’ Steinbach MLA Kelvin Goertzen told the legislature in support of Bill 301.
Konkel said Providence will continue to develop ethical leaders for church and society. He said consistency with our Judeo-Christian values is the key in building up leaders who are able to see through the hopelessness of situations in order to transform them into opportunities of hopefulness.  “By exposing students from across Canada and around the world to each other, we allow them to develop personal leadership styles that will help them venture forward.
Konkel added: “We have demonstrated the commitment and determination to make a difference in the past and we believe we can do much, much more in the future.”
Providence began educating students in 1925. An open charter to grant post-secondary degrees was authorized by the province in 1978.
Providence University College is an accredited, interdenominational, multi-cultural, Christian institution that offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Biblical and Theological Studies, General Arts, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and Performing Arts.




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