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Providence Theological Seminary Has Grown



Providence Theological Seminary has grown. According to the September 30 Registrar’s report, Seminary new student enrollment is up 41%. The Seminary will add even more new students during the year because of modular courses offered in October, November, January, March, May, and June. Overall Seminary enrollment has increased by 9.3% to a total of 187 students. This number will also climb as students enroll in modular courses throughout the rest of the year.

The growth of the Seminary this year is largely a result of growth in the counseling degree programs. The two-year Master of Arts in Counselling programs in both Calgary and Otterburne make up the largest portion of the growth. The MA in Counselling program in both locations combined has grown by 17%. Unexpected growth was also seen in the Master of Arts programs with concentrations in Christian Studies and Theological Studies. These programs combined doubled in enrollment from 7 to 14 students.

This summer the Seminary also initiated graduate certificates in various specializations. This has attracted four new students to the Graduate Certificate in Applied Counselling program. Students can take all of the courses in these certificate programs online.

The number of students classified as “special” has also increased. Special students are those not enrolled in a degree program, but are taking classes. Students are not required to declare a degree program until they enroll for their sixth course.

In terms of course delivery, Stan Hamm, Acting Seminary Dean, pointed out that our online enrollment is up dramatically this semester. More and more, students want the flexibility to take some of their courses off campus. Students in online courses begin and end their courses on a semester basis, but during any given week they are able to study at a time convenient to them. This makes accredited graduate theological education accessible to students who must maintain regular employment while going to school.

Provost and Executive Vice President, David Johnson, notes “the increase in new students is especially encouraging because it bodes well for the future. Although it is difficult to explain why we grow in any particular year, we believe the increase in students this year is largely due to the excellent work of our admissions staff and because of the quality of our programs and faculty.”


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