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New Constitution Approved by the Providence Corporation

At the Annual General Meeting of Providence University College and Seminary the Corporation approved the revised Articles of Incorporation and Constitution which now include the word “University” in its name. The new constitution also includes the establishment of shared governance as a hallmark of the institution. Dr August Konkel gave his final President’s Report to the Corporation. He highlighted the addition of University to the Providence name and spoke of the recognition our students are now achieving for their education at Providence. He mentioned the establishment of the Providence Legacy Fund by which people can include Christian Higher Education in the Legacy they leave for the kingdom of God. He also recognized outgoing Board members Peter J. Falk, QC, for eleven years of service and Ray Ward for 32 years of service on the Board of Governors. Dr Konkel is retiring from the presidency in the summer of 2012.

Libby Hanna reported on behalf of the Presidential Search Committee that the position of President has been advertised and that the committee has worked through the initial set of resumes received.

David Johnson, Executive Vice President and Provost, shared with the Corporation a profile of university college and seminary students. The profile shows that undergraduate students are heavily involved in co-curricular activities such as varsity athletics and performing arts. The largest majors among last year’s graduating class were Business Administration, Social Sciences, and Youth Leadership. The profile of seminary students highlights the facts that they are not full-time students and desire to take classes at a distance. Students continue to take more courses online every year. To view the profiles click here.

John Laugesen, Vice President for Finance, shared the 2010-2011 audited statement which showed a slight surplus in the operating budget and a $260,000 surplus overall. The large surplus exists because of the timing of capital funding. The Corporation approved the statement.

The Corporation elected and re-elected Board members. The Providence Board of Governors for the coming year are Roger Gingerich, Chair, Lorn Bergstresser, Vice Chair, David Baker, Harald Barg, Richard Bergmann, Agnes DeFehr, Toni Dueck, Esther Dyck, Beverly Dyck, Ron Friesen, Dennis Giesbrecht, Gordon Giesbrecht, Nicholas Greco (Senate), Libby Hanna, Judith Jeffries (Seminary Student), David Johnson, Howard Jolly, August Konkel, Ron Koslowsky, Eileen Kroeker, Burton Loewen, E. James Scobbie, Donald Streuber, Lloyd Thiessen, and David Widdecombe.

A Report to the Community was distributed to all Corporation members along with the annual Corporation Report. To view the Report to the Community click here.

In addition to the various business items, representative staff, alumni, and students spoke about their meaningful experiences at Providence. Cameron McKenzie began as an undergraduate student and has been continuously associated with the institution for 32 years. He is now associate professor of Old Testament and Acting Dean of the University College. Two recent alumni, one from the University College and one from the Seminary shared reflections via video on the impact Providence has had on their lives and careers. Adriano Caires, a current Seminary counseling student, told how he came to Providence from Brazil with his wife and two daughters.

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