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Bursary Recipients Announced


Each year Providence awards bursaries to worthy applicants. These are often competitive bursaries for which a number of people apply. Various criteria are taken into account by the Scholarship and Bursary Committee when selecting the recipients.


Providence University College is pleased to announce the following bursary recipients for this year.

1. The David Moravec Memorial Bursary - Jessica Hiebert
My name is Jessica Hiebert and attending Providence University College has been an incredibly good choice for me on every level and has met all my expectations. This is my third college I have attended and definitely ranks as my top choice for which college to return to. I come from a low income family and greatly appreciate this bursary. I have always taken my courses extremely seriously and am sincerely hoping to finish my Bachelor of Arts in Music and Anthropology, as well as receive my TESOL certificate from Providence. The majority of my time since high school graduation has taken place in college settings and so this has not left me with much time for a career. Upon graduation I am hoping to teach piano lessons professionally, teach English, and also possibly work for the government by helping to integrate international citizens into our North American culture.

2. The Harold Dyck Memorial Bursary - Luke Hildebrand
My name is Luke Hildebrand. I grew up in Winkler, Manitoba, and chose to study at Providence on the recommendation from several pastors at my church (Winkler EMMC). This bursary allows me to continue my studies without worry, for as it stands, my wife and I do not have enough money to pay for necessities and school in the second semester. After graduation, I hope to continue into graduate studies and eventually teach at the post-secondary level.

3. The Nelson Lumber Bursary - Danielle Fillion
My name is Danielle Fillion and I am from Glenboro, Manitoba. It is a very small town situated forty-five minutes from Brandon. I came to Providence University College to study Youth Leadership but God quickly changed my plans. I am currently enrolled in a 3-year Worship Studies degree with a minor in music. I am involved in Student Council, Chamber Singers, and University Singers. I hope to do more musically in the coming year. With a worship studies degree, I hope to work in a church or a program/camp with children. I have worked for a few years at camp and enjoyed each one more. Receiving this bursary helps me because I am involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities which do not enable me to find a job during the school year because of time.

4. The Rhea Nordstrom-Friesen Memorial Bursary - Esther Reimer
I grew up south of Steinbach, Manitoba on a farm with my parents and 4 siblings. Growing up my mother has been a strong spiritual example for us kids and has encouraged us to follow God. This encouragement helped lead me towards attending Providence University College. I am double majoring in Church Ministries and Worship Studies and hoping to eventually work either in a Church or a Christian organization. I have a strong passion for Adult ministries and encouraging spiritual growth in other’s lives. This bursary helps me in my studies because it takes off some of the financial pressures I have because I live on my own and commute to school each day. I am really looking forward to graduation in the spring of 2013!

5. The Helen Schellenberg Memorial Bursary - Kristina Larson
I am Kristina Larson and I am from Gardner, North Dakota. My major is Biblical Studies and I my minor is Youth Leadership. I first came to Providence University College because I felt like I did not know much about God and what His Word says. I wanted to be able to give a reason to people for the hope I have within me. I am being immersed in God’s word so that I may be deeply rooted in Him, “equipped for every good work”, so that I may effectively minister to others. Receiving this bursary takes a load of financial stress off and helps me focus more on my studies. As of right now, after I graduate I am hoping to work with a ministry. Whether it be with young adults, children, adults, or the elderly I just want to share Christ’s love to people who desperately need it. Whether that is here in Canada, back home in the United States, or overseas I pray that I would listen to God’s call and go where he sends me.

6. The Ken R. Friesen Memorial Bursary - Jessica Hamm
Last year I decided to major in Youth Leadership, which decision has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. I absolutely love spending time with youth, and lots of my free time is spent with organizations where their focus is on youth, such as Living Bible Explorers, the Landmark YFC drop-in, and helping out with the youth program at my church. I love feeling like the education I’m getting is actually being put to use instead of waiting until all my schooling is done to feel like I can make a difference. I am so grateful that I chose to come to Providence because I already feel like what I’ve been able to use from it has already paid off. I commute to school from Landmark and I'm majoring in youth leadership. This bursary helps me to get through school, and helps me continue saving for after school when I plan on being a foster parent. The more I save now the sooner I'll be able to accomplish this.

7. The Ken R. Friesen Memorial Bursary - Nadene Frank
I am in my second year at Providence University College, majoring in Youth Leadership. I plan to become a youth pastor after graduating. My family is currently living just east of Winnipeg in a small town called Anola. I have lived in five provinces – we have moved several times to where my father has been called to pastor. Getting this bursary will help remove some of the stress that comes from not knowing if you will be able to get enough money for the next semester.

8. The W. Lawrence McAllister Bursary - Stephanie Fehr
My name is Stephanie Fehr and I am from Warman, Saskatchewan. I have been involved with camp ministry for six years. In 2006 I started working at a camp called Youth Farm Bible Camp. Ever since then I have been going back to help out in various ways at the camp. I started out as a Counselor in Training; this job allowed me to learn about the role of a Counselor and gain more of an understanding for leadership. In 2008 I started doing a little bit of counseling, and eventually I became a full time Counselor in the summers that followed. I have also helped out in the kitchen at camp and I eventually plan on being the camp speaker for a week next year. I am going into my second year at Providence and I am currently majoring in Theater. I plan to graduate from Providence with a degree in Theater and eventually I would like to apply for the Education program at the U of M so that I can become a Kindergarten teacher. This bursary helps me out in a lot of ways. Thank you very much!

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