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Making a Providence University College Education More Accessible

Tuition Frozen and New Bursaries

To make a Christ-Centred university educational experience more accessible to students, Providence University College administration has made a number of decisions effective in fall 2012.

Unlike many universities, for the academic year 2012/13 undergraduate tuition and fees at Providence University College will be frozen at the 2011/12 rate. Bob Wiebe, Vice President for Educational Marketing says, “Our hope is that this undergraduate tuition freeze will allow more students to consider Providence to be a viable alternative as they consider university education.”

In addition, three new financial initiatives have been established.

• Tuition Bursaries will be given to all new students who qualify based on their high school GPA.
• Tuition Bursaries will be given to all returning students who qualify based on their annual GPA.
• Residence Bursaries will be offered to all qualified returning students who live in a Providence residence hall.

“We understand that many university bound students want a Christ-centred education, but it is beyond their economic reach,” said David Johnson, Provost. “We want to increase the accessibility of a values-laden higher education for these students. Part of our goal is also to create a more vibrant campus community, so we have determined to give residence bursaries to all returning full-time students.” These rebates put residence at Providence well below rental market prices.

Most experts agree that the long-term value of a university education is worth the price paid in time and money. But given the volatility of the present economic situation, some people are nervous about making such an investment in their future.

Private post-secondary education is always more costly than a comparable public education. Dr Johnson notes, “At Providence we believe the small class sizes, the personal contact with professors, and the nurturing campus community are worth the extra cost. So through the tuition freeze and the three initiatives we are making the Providence Experience a possibility for more students.”

The uniqueness of a Providence education lies in the fact that all courses are taught with various Christian worldviews in mind. “As a multi-denominational school, the faculty represents a number of Christian worldviews. Each faculty member respects the view of the others. Students receive a broadly Christian education but are free to understand things from their own perspective.”

Explore the Providence website to learn more about the accessibility initiatives.

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