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On Friday, March 30th, 2012, the Providence Athletic Program held their annual Awards Banquet. The following recipients were award winners for their respective teams:

Rookie of the Year Award
Kristi Larson (w-soccer)                       Mark Wiebe (m-soccer)
Brynn Swan (w-basketball)                 Jon Janke (m-basketball)
Lauren Toews (w-volleyball)               Ewart Krahn (m-volleyball)
Defensive Player Award       
Melanie Warkentine (w-soccer)           Dale Danso (m-soccer)
Elena Rempel (w-basketball)               Johnathan Thompson (m-basketball)
Katelyn Corbin (w-volleyball)              Josh Doerksen (m-volleyball)
Leadership Award                             
Allison Dueck (w-soccer)                     Joel Janke (m-soccer)
Melanie Warkentine (w-basketball)     Matt Antonio (m-basketball)
Heidi Martens (w-volleyball)                Ryan Hamm (m-volleyball)
Most Improved Award                     
Kristi Larson (w-soccer)                       Martial Galay (m-soccer)
Breanna Mahara (w-basketball)          Brennan Foidart (m-basketball)
Amanda Dueck (w-volleyball)              Bryton Arnal (m-volleyball)

Most Valuable Player                                   
Melanie Warkentine (w-soccer)            Mario Giesbrecht (m-soccer)
Kristi Larson (w-basketball)                  Chris Funk (m-basketball)
Victoria Ryshytylo (w-volleyball)          Delmer Krahn (m-volleyball)
On the academic side of things, there were an outstanding number of scholar athletes who achieved a GPA of 3.00 or higher. The 2011-2012 scholar athletes were recognized as they accounted for 58% of all student athletes. The Team GPA Award was also awarded to the Women’s Basketballteam who had the highest GPA of 3.18.
Co-Male & Female Athlete of the Year
Notably, soccer athlete Meghan Edwards was the recipient of the Freemen Scholarship Award who showcased excellence in athletic performance, exemplary personal character, and maintained an AGPA of 3.50 or higher.
The 2012 Male and Female Athlete of the Year awards were given to student athletes who displayed all-around athleticism, had a significant impact on the success of at least one of the possible sports they played, and demonstrated strong leadership qualities, exceptional attitude and work ethic, and Christian integrity and character. In addition, they upheld an above average academic standard throughout the entire year. Third year soccer and basketball athlete, Melanie Warkentine, was selected as Female Athlete of the Year, and fourth year players Ryan Hamm (volleyball) and Chris Funk (basketball) were co-Male Athletes of the Year.
Finally, the Athletic Department said farewell to two of their coaches, Juan Larios and Patti Parker. Larios was the head basketball coach for the men’s team for the past three years (2009-2012). Known for his strength in x’s and o’s, and passion to study the game, Larios brought Providence basketball to a higher level of tactical execution. He also offered his services to the Providence Sports Camp program as a feature instructor for two summers.
Parker was employed as Assistant Athletic Director at Providence for over four years, as well as the head coach of the women’s basketball team for three of those years (2009-2012). She has served for eight years on staff at Providence Sports Camps as a coach, feature instructor, and Camp Coordinator. Most recently, Parker has made the difficult decision to step away from her involvement at Providence to pursue her Masters Degree at the University of Manitoba in Psychology. Best wishes to both Larios and Parker as they pursue future endeavors.


Men's Soccer Winners
(Galay, Danso, Janke, Giesbrecht)
Women's Soccer Winners
(Larson, Warkentine, Dueck)
Men's Basketball Winners
(Foidart, Janke, Thompson, Antonio, Funk)
Women's Basketball Winners
(Warkentine, Larson, Mahara, Swan)
Men's Volleyball Winners
(Krahn, Krahn, Arnal, Doerksen, Hamm)
Women's Volleyball Winners
(Ryshytylo, Toews, Corbin, Dueck, Martens)
                       **Pictures by Jon Goings
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