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Barb and I saved our shekels for a few years and made a trip to Hawaii in March to celebrate her retirement from teaching public school. We landed on the island of Maui on a Sunday night and left the following Sunday afternoon. What a delight! If you want a change in weather you only have to drive for an hour. You can find a warm place, a cool place, a wet place, or a dry place any time you want. I wrote to my kids that if it wasn’t for the homeless people, the commercialization, and the expense, Maui would be quite a bit like heaven.

What will heaven be like? I don’t know anyone who has been there recently, so I can’t really say. Maybe it will be like Maui. What we do know from the Scriptures is that God will be there, that we will spend time worshipping, and that all of our desires will be met. No more death or pain or tears. Once in a while we find great satisfaction in this life. That is a taste of heaven. When we are not satisfied, it creates a hunger for heaven.

We need to remember that heaven is centred on God, not on our needs. As John Piper has said in many places, God is most glorified when we are most satisfied. Satisfaction and heaven go together. Our satisfaction is found only in God. It is at the well of salvation that our deepest longings are fulfilled. We can have a slice of heaven on earth as we find satisfaction in God. A trip to Maui helps too!

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