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I am convinced that the North American church needs revival.
I have had the good fortune over the years of being able to study various evangelical revivals, from the magisterial reformation of the 16th century, to the Weslyan revival and the first great awakening of the 18th century, to the Layman’s prayer revival of the early 19th century and its manifestation in Europe as Le Réveil, to more recent smaller scale revivals of the 20th century (in which God saved me).
I have learned that revivals are a work of God. They cannot be humanly manufactured (as was the second great awakening under Charles Finney, which quickly resulted in “the burned over district”). God chooses when and where revival breaks out, how it spreads, and its effects on the church and society. So there is nothing we can “do” to make a revival happen.
So the North American church needs revival and there is nothing we can do to engender it. But in the study of revivals there are two factors which are apparent in all of them. There are people who pray and there is the intense study and preaching of the Holy Scriptures. Every revival I listed above that has had a lasting effect has had these two characteristics.
The results of revival are an influx of people into churches devoting themselves to live for Christ and an uplifting of society in general. Most of all, revivals magnify the Glory of God among the nations. But revival begins with prayer and the Word. Intense prayer and Bible study is no guarantee of revival, but, historically speaking, there have been no revivals without them.
I have recently begun to pray for revival in Canada, and as I go to preach at various churches I pray that God might use his word to light a spiritual fire in people’s lives. I would be most pleased if God used Providence as one of the starting points for revival in our land.
If you are reading this you probably have an interest in Providence. Would you join me in beseeching God for a revival in our land in our day?
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