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Every year since I began bird-watching in my yard Harris Sparrows have come in the same week each spring.
Harris Sparrows spend winters in the southern Mississippi river valley and nest in the summer north of Manitoba. They are not overly plentiful and have a very narrow range. They are not found outside of central North America. They are relatively large for a sparrow. They have a longish low whistle. They are greyish-brown like the far more populous English sparrow but they have a black head, face, and neck.
I see them in my yard for about a week every year. I get a warm feeling when they show up in mid-April.
Consistency is a comforting thing. In Christian terms we call it faithfulness. We try to be faithful in our prayer and Bible reading, in our witness and church attendance.
Our God models faithfulness to us. It is a comfort to know that nothing can keep God from being faithful. We face hardships in life, and through them all, God is consistently there.
We may think, “If God were here, these bad things would not happen to me.” At the end of the day, though, when we take a long-range view, we understand that “God works all things together for good” (Rom 8:28). Note that Paul does not say, “so you feel good.” Nor does he even say, “for your good.”
God takes a large and long-range perspective on the suffering that is turned into good.
The Harris Sparrow is a bit of a picture of God. It shows up at the same time every year, but it has only been since I began bird watching and started learning about migration patterns that my heart is warmed when the Harris Sparrow lights in my yard.
It’s only when I watch for and learn about God that God’s presence warms my heart.
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