Christian Spirituality


Certificate in Christian Spirituality (Online)

REQUIREMENTS: 18 Credit Hours

What does "Online" mean? See below.

This certificate can be completed entirely online within 24 months or sooner. Students may shorten the period of certificate completion by attending scheduled on-campus courses.

We live in a world marred by consumerism and selfism, which directly rubs against our Christian commitments and sensibilities. The tension between Kingdom values and those that the world adheres to can be dealt with by assisting Christians to reclaim the rich and varied expressions of the spiritual life that is Trinitarian in orientation, doxological in direction, and personal-communal in expression.

This certificate program is for lay people and church leaders who have an interest the spiritual life of the Christian. If preferred, two thirds of the certificate courses are available  online, with Spiritual pilgrimage and the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction being completed on campus in semester or modular format. The program provides students with a foundational and experiential knowledge of the spiritual life as expressed in the Holy Scriptures, church history, theology, and contemporary realities. It will introduce students to the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction. Course work in the certificate program can be transferred into an existing Masters Degree Program at Providence Theological Seminary.

The certificate includes a pilgrimage to a religious site that has a rich theological and spiritual significance. This communal-educational trip is a way to solidify learning gained from the certificate program, create opportunities to share each other's unique faith journeys within the larger context of the Christian story, and deepen students’ spiritual life by visiting holy places for worship, prayer, and contemplation. Each student will write an integrative essay that reflects learning gained through the spiritual pilgrimage and the rest of the courses taken.

  • IN5102L Theology and Practice of Christian Spirituality and Formation (3 credit hrs)
  • BI5102L Reading the Church's Bible (3 credit hrs)
  • CP5214L Congregational Care and Counseling (3 credit hrs)
  • CP5105L Integration of Psychology and Theology (3 credit hrs)
  • IN5201L The Art of Spiritual Direction: Theory and Practice (3 credit hrs)
  • IN6201 Spiritual Pilgrimage (3 credit hrs)

Acceptance into the Graduate Certificate in Christian Spirituality program will be evaluated on case-by-case basis. Although a recognized undergraduate degree is preferred, admission as a mature student without an undergraduate degree will be considered. In such instances, previous post-secondary education, employment and/or ministry experience may be taken into account. 

Method of Instruction

Please take note of the method of instruction for this course.

  • ONLINE: Courses follow the regular session and must be completed within 4 months from September-December or January-April.

























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