Program Summary

REQUIREMENTS: 48 credit hours

The Leadership major is a co-operative program between Horizon College & Seminary and Providence. It has been designed for leaders within the church, para-church ministries or Christian leaders in other organizations who desire to continue their education and strengthen their knowledge and skills as effective leaders.

The purposes of the Leadership major is:

  • To establish a strong biblical and theological foundation for leadership and heighten awareness of the relevance of the Word of God to how leadership is fulfilled
  • To cultivate a strong knowledge of leadership theories and practices and how they relate to the act of leadership within the Church and the world
  • To develop the gift of leadership and express it with broad knoweldge, competent skills, and in an ethical manner
  • To attain a leadership character, presence and practice that may be called upon to give godly leadership in a variety of church, para-church or other organizations.

Students make take a combination of courses at Providence and Horizon.Graduates will receive an MA in Educational Studies, Leadership from Providence upon completion of the program. 











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