M.A. Global Studies

Career Path - Global Ministry


Program Summary

REQUIREMENTS: 60 Credit Hours

The Master of Arts in Global Studies program prepares Christians from around the world for service in a variety of global contexts. As the Western church becomes a marginalized minority in secular cultures, we find a more powerful identity as part of the global community transcending the political, economic, cultural, and ethnic boundaries that divide people.Working with our brothers and sisters around the world to communicate the gospel of God, we discover that not only do “they” need “us,” but even more, “we” truly need “them.” Often students in this program are on-leave from a mission organization to which they plan to return.

Major Options

Three majors are available:

  • MISSIOLOGY MAJOR: Provides the basic theoretical and practical training for those serving as cross-cultural witnesses for Jesus Christ around the world.

  • TESOL MAJOR: In addition to a solid core of biblical and theological studies, students receive training in linguistic theory and pedagogy, as well as experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Students are welcome to complete 6 core TESOL courses during Summer TESOL. Click here to read more.

  • TTESOL MAJOR: Trains people to teach those desiring to teach English to speakers of other languages. The program offers a core of biblical and theological studies. It presumes a level of competence in linguistic theory gained at an undergraduate level and concentrates on pedagogical concerns.





















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