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The Mastor of Divinity is the normative degree prerequisite for ordained pastoral ministry in the church. It is also the degree that serves as a prerequisite for doctoral-level theological education. Additionally, students may find the degree effective training for a variety of para-church ministries and vocations outside the local church. The purpose of the Master of Divinity program is to provide students with a strong biblical-theological foundation, to foster a love for the Word of God, to foster a love for the church and a commitment to enhancing its well-being, to develop students' people-helping skills, to develop and sharpen the particular spiritual gifts of each student, and to provide a foundational grasp of all aspects of training necessary to pastoral ministry. See the Full Program Summary (on the left) for more details.

Part-Time Distance Delivery Format. The newly restructured Master of Divinity program (4-years) allows students to complete the entire degree without relocating their residence, to remain in their present church or other occupation. 


All students are required to complete the core requirements of the Master of Divinity program (72 credit hours). Students preparing for more focused or specialized ministry should choose one of the tracks noted below (in consultation with their advisor). The student learning outcomes are met in a basic sense by the core requirements alone, however, the fullest ministry preparation is provided by the completion of a specialized track. A Master of Divinity English Bible will be conferred to students completing only the core requirements. See Full Program Details (on the left). The following tracks are available:

  • BIBLICAL LANGUAGES TRACK (15 Credit  Hours): Those who envision themselves as preachers and teachers shold study this track. The Church needs those in pulpit ministry to be able to teach and preach the Word with the confidence and authority that comes from a first-hand knowledge of the Scriptures.

  • HONOURS TRACK (24 Credit Hours): Designed for students who may decide to enter an academic doctoral program (e.g. Ph.D. or Th.D.) in the future. It requries a more focused concentration of courses beyond the core curriculum, a minimum grade point achievement on all courses of 3.0 and a 60-70 page thesis. Before students are formally admitted into this program they must submit a sample of their written work, preferrably a research essay of some kind, and have an entering AGPA of 3.0 or higher. 

  • PASTORAL COUNSELLING TRACK (18 Credit Hours): Many pastors play a dual role in their congregation as both pastors and counsellors and the spiritual leadership often takes Christians on difficult mental and emotional journeys. This track is designed to give pastors the skills they need to lead their congregation and to apply basic counselling theory and practice within their ministry, giving them the knowledge and confidence to serve and counsel their congregation.

  • PENTECOSTAL STUDIES TRACK (21 Credit Hours): The core courses of this track are offered by Providence while Horizon Pentecostal Seminary (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) provides distinctive Pentecostal courses. Students of this track are required to fulfill their Applied Focus placements in a Pentecostal context or approved alternative. Graduates will receive a Master of Divinity degree from Providence Theological Seminary and a Diploma in Theology from Horizon Pentecostal Seminary. The diploma will qualify the graduate to apply to The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada for ministerial credentials leading toward ordination.

  • YOUTH MINISTRY STUDIES TRACK (18 Credit Hours): This track recognizes the value of Youth Ministry for the discipleship of the next generation and the continuing vitality and ministry of the church. This track offers courses that are designed to give youth ministers the specialized knowledge and skills they need to engage and empower the youth of their community.

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