M.A. (Theological Studies)

Career Path - Academic Ministry



Program Summary

Hoping to gain a strong biblical knowledge-base? Interested in digging deeper into the contributors of Biblical & Theological Studies?

The Master of Arts (Theological Studies) program will acquaint students with the work of major shareholders to biblical and theological studies, and provide knowledge of the major issues currently being addressed in the field. Two major options are available:

  • Biblical Theology: A focus in biblical study, preparation for a teaching ministry or doctoral research. Students may choose an Old Testament or a New Testament track. This program is not intended to prepare students for pastoral ministry or to seek ordination.

  • Systematic Theology: Extensive training in theological thinking and practice. It is designed to prepare students for a teaching ministry or for doctoral research in a theological area. It is not intended to train students adequately for pastoral ministry or for ordination.

The program develops research ability, fostering the basic orientation and skills necessary for doctoral research work. The degree requirement is 60 credit hours. Prerequisites and requirements ensure that students can study the biblical text in the original languages in most of the biblical studies courses. 

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