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Fall 2016 Otterburne Courses - Tentative - Courses may change - updated June 22, 2016

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  Course Courses taught at Horizon Seminary, Saskatoon Credits Professor
# OT5301 Pentateuch **Taught at Horizon Seminary, Saskatoon, SK** Sept. 5 - 9/16** 3 C. Lortie
# TS5107 Origins & Development of Global Pentecostalism **Taught at Horizon Seminary, Saskatoon, SK  Sept. 5 - 9/16** 3 A. Gabriel
# OT5302 The Historical Books **Taught at Horizon Seminary, Saskatoon, SK** Oct. 31 - Nov. 4/16** 3 C. Lortie

October Modules (Oct. 3-7, 2016)

  Course   Credits Professor
*# GS6202 Sociolinguistics **Hybrid** 3 E. Lepp-Kaethler
*# NT6201 New Testament Theology 3 D. Johnson
*# TS6202 Themes: Being Human 3

P. Franklin

# CP5501 Counselling Theory Practicum I Module/ Hybrid Online component begins September 12/16  **See Note 1** 3 DEPT
# PS5102 Homiletics 3 S. Hamm

November Modules (Nov. 14-18, 2016)

  Course   Credits Professor
*# OT5202 Old Testament Text and Interpretation 3 G. Konkel
# CP5214 Congregational Care & Counselling 3 TBD


Fall Regular Session

Department of Biblical and Theological Studies

  Course   Credits Slot Professor
* OT6101 Hebrew Narrative OT6101 2016 3   L. Wray Beal
* NT5101 Introduction to Greek I 3   E. Neufeld
  BT5102 Reading Church's Bible Fall 2016 3 - L. Wray Beal
* OT5301 Pentateuch 3 - L. Wray Beal
  TS5201 Theological Foundations 3   P. Franklin
* TS6203 Themes: Person and Work of Christ 3   P. Franklin
* TS5101 Survey of Church History 3 - P. Janzen Loewen

Department of Counselling and Psychology

  Course   Credits Slot Professor
  CP5113 Crisis and Trauma Counselling 3   TBD
  CP6501 Counselling Theory Practicum III 3   G. Wirch
  CP5103 Marriage and Family Counselling 3   G. Wirch

Department of Christian Ministries

  Course   Credits Slot Professor
* GS5102 Worldview and Culture 3   D. Climenhaga
* GS5104 Incarnation and Ministry 3   D. Climenhaga
  GS5201 Applied Linguistics I: Morphology & Phonology **20 students max** 3   C. Rust-Akinbolaji
  GS5204 Second Language Acquisition **20 students max** 3   C. Rust-Akinbolaji
  GS5205 TESOL Practicum 1  **20 students max** 1   E. Lepp-Kaethler
  GS6202 Sociolinguistics **Hybrid** 3   E. Lepp-Kaethler
  PS7511 Applied Focus Practicum: Personal Ministry Formation 3   A. Thiessen
* PS7514 Applied Focus Practicum: Leadership for the Church in a Changing Environment 3   A. Thiessen
Note 1:  All students in Practicum 1 participate in the online component and in the face to face module in October.  Students should be advised that, due to the exigencies of the delivery model we follow for Practicum 1, students are required to participate in the full week of the module component. 
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* Course will not be offered in this format next year.
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