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2018 Spring & Summer Courses - TENTATIVE

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Summer Plans? Continue your studies by enrolling in our Spring & Summer session.  All Spring & Summer courses are either offered on the Otterburne campus or online.  Courses are available in 1-4 week modules or May-August online. 

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All Seminary students that are taking module courses for credit or audit will have access to the internet, parking and the Fitness Centre included in their tuition and fees. Students (not including auditing students) who are commuting have lunch in the cafeteria included as well.

*Contact the Registrars Office with any questions regarding Room and Board Bursary for modules.

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 All Otterburne summer classes run from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, unless your instructor advises you otherwise.

Late fees - A $50 late fee is applied to registrations made within two weeks of a module's start date. Please be advised that course cancellation will be determined two weeks prior to course start date based upon full payment registrations.

Department of Biblical and Theological Studies

Dates Course   Credits Professor
May 7-11/18 *#NT5316 Paul's Letters: 2 Corinthians *Assignment due first day of class - see syllabus 3 E. Neufeld
May 14-18/18 TS5102 Radical Reformation: History, Thought and Practice 3 L. Friesen
May 21-25/18 TS6104 Contemporary Anabaptism: Theology and Theologians 3 Z. Klassen

Department of Counselling and Psychology

Dates Course   Credits Professor
Apr 30-May4/18 CP5106 Family Systems 3 J. Priess
May 14-18/18 CP5214 Congregational Care and Counselling 3 G. Dyck
Jun 4-6/18 (AM) CP5102

Human Development (Hybrid with CP5116) - online begins Apr 30

3 A. Arinobu
Jun 6-8/18 (PM) CP5116

Counselling across Cultures (Hybrid with CP5102) - online begins Apr 30

3 A. Arinobu

Department of Christian Ministries

Dates Course   Credits Professor





May 14-June 22/18 *# GS5201 - GS5206

Summer TESOL Institute

Note: $300 non-refundable deposit required at time of registration

International Students:  will be required to attend July 2-6/18 for Practicum 2

15 Dept.

Doctor of Ministry

Dates Course   Credits Professor
Apr. 30 - May 4/18 *# DS8103 Nurturing Spiritual Formation and Care in Congregational Life (Formerly known as Pastoral Care)   A. Thiessen
Apr. 30 - May 4/18 *# DS8105 Research and Project Development   S. Titterington

Apr. 30 - May 4/18


*# DS8112

Counselling and Mental Health Support for Marriages and Families in Congregations and Communities   M. Thiessen
AUG 13-17/18 *# DS8101 Personal Development & Orientation   A. Thiessen
AUG 13-17/18 *# DS8102 Leadership Theory and Practice in Diverse Ministry Contexts   J. Anderson
AUG 13-17/18 *# DS8110 Religion & Psychology   R. Nolasco

* This course will not be offered in this format next year.

# Web registration is required.

Please check the current 2017-18 Academic Calendar for course descriptions and cross-crediting.

Course list updated January 16, 2018.




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