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   Dates Course   Credits Professor
# Jan 8-12/18 CP5502C Counselling Theory Practicum II **See Note 1** Module Component will be in Otterburne 3 Counselling Dept
# Starts Jan 12/18 CP6502C Counselling Theory Practicum IV - Weekly starting Jan. 12/18 Fridays 3 R. Nolasco

Feb 12-16/18

CP5113C Crisis and Trauma Counselling 3 J. Priess
# Mar. 5-7/18 CP5107C Contemporary Issues: Neuroscience and Counselling Module/Hybrid w/CP6216 (Online component is Jan 22,29, Feb 5,12,19/18 and Face to Face Component is Mar 5-6 (9:00am to 5:00 pm) and March 7 (9:00 am - noon) 3 R. Nolasco
# Mar. 7-9/18 CP6216C Psychology of Emotion Module/Hybrid (Online component is Jan 22,29, Feb 5,12,19/18 and Face to Face Component is Mar 7-9/18) 3 R. Nolasco

Mar. 12-16/18

TS6202C Themes in Theology: On Being Human *Assignment due first day of class - see syllabus 3 P. Franklin


Note 1:  All students requiring this Practicum will be required to take Practicum II during the Winter semester in the January module week on the Otterburne Campus. 
* This course will not be offered in this format next year.
# Web registration form required.
Please check the Academic Catalogue for course descriptions and cross-crediting.

Course List updated October 24, 2017.

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