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Module Courses

January Modules (Jan 8-12, 2018)

  Course  Course Title Credits Professor
# CP5502 Counselling Theory Practicum II  **See Note 1* 3


# DS8104 Negotiating Change Conflict and Renewal in Church and Ministry Settings 3 S. Hamm
# DS8106 Thinking and Interpreting Theologically 3 P. Franklin
# DS8109 Advanced Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision 3 S. Titterington
*# PS6101 Pastoral Theology *pre-course work required - see syllabus 3 A. Thiessen

March Modules (March 5-9, 2018)

  Course   Course Title Credits Professor
*# BI5101 Hermeneutics 3 G. Konkel
*# CP5103 Marriage and Family Counselling 3 G. Wirch
*# IN5102 Theology and Practice of Christian Spirituality and Formation Pre-course work required. 3 A. Thiessen



Biblical Theology of Suffering and Hope *Assignment due first day of class - see syllabus 3 B. Stovell

March Modules - Taught at Alberta Campus - CSBS Cochrane (March 12-16, 2018)

*# TS6202C Themes in Theology: On Being Human *Assignment due first day of class - see syllabus 3 P. Franklin

Modules - Taught at Horizon College & Seminary, Saskatoon, SK

  Course  Course Title Credits Professor
# PS6103 Pastoral Theology: Pentecostal Perspectives - Jan 8-12/18 3 J. Drisner/R. Kadyschuk
*# EM5105 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership and Administration - Jan 24-25/18 (hybrid work from Jan 19-Mar 2) 3 R. Kadyschuk
*# NT5313 General Letters - Mar 5-9/18 3 J. Martini
*# CP5102 Human Development - Mar 5-9/18 3 B. Pringle
# PS5105 Homiletics: Pentecostal Perspectives - Apr 23-27/18 3 R. Kadyschuk


Winter Regular Session

Department of Biblical and Theological Studies

  Course  Course Title Credits Slot Professor
* NT6102 Studying NT Greek II 3   E. Neufeld
* OT5102 Intro Hebrew II 3   L. Wray Beal
* OT6301 OT Theology 3   L. Wray Beal
* TS6204 Themes: Church and the Mission of God 3   P. Franklin

Department of Counselling and Psychology

  Course  Course Title Credits Slot Professor
  CP5113 Crisis and Trauma Counselling 3   J. Priess
  CP6502 Counselling Theory Practicum IV (Wednesdays start date TBD) 3   G. Wirch/R. Nolasco

Department of Christian Ministries

  Course  Course Title Credits Slot Professor
* EM5104 Program Planning **See Note 2** 3   S. Hamm
* GS5106 Critique of Secular Culture 3   D. Climenhaga
* GS5108 Theology of Mission 3   D. Climenhaga
  GS5202 Applied Linguistics II **20 students max** 3   C. Rust-Akinbolaji
  GS5203 TESOL Materials and Methodology in TESOL **20 students max** 3   C. Rust-Akinbolaji
  GS5206 TESOL Practicum II (P:429.31) **20 students max** 3   E. Lepp-Kaethler
* GS6207 Psycholinguistics 3   E. Lepp-Kaethler
  PS7101 Integrative Seminar 3   S. Hamm
* PS7511 Applied Focus Practicum: Personal Ministry Formation **runs from Sept.2017- Apr. 2018** 3   A. Thiessen
* PS7512 Applied Focus Practicum: Stewardship of Congregational Life **runs from Sept. 2017- Apr. 2018** 3   A. Thiessen

Note 1: All students requiring this Practicum will be required to take Practicum II during the Winter semester in the January module week on the Otterburne Campus.

Note 2: This course will be offered all day on five Fridays in the semester: Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 6 & 13.

* This course will not be offered in this format next year.
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Please check the Academic Calendar for course descriptions and cross-crediting. 

Course list updated October 24, 2017

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